P. Rico Offers King Yella Advice Over Cardi B/Offset Controversy

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P. Rico got on the line to resolve King Yella’s beef with Migos Offset. P. Rico is good friends with the Atlanta trio. Rico linked with Migos when they were in Chicago for their scheduled Dec. 21, 2013 performance at Club Adriannas.

“I like The Migos bro,” P. Rico told King Yella. “Even before I went to jail, they seem cool. They cool guys. And they the guys, you feel me. I don’t know how n****s be over their b*****s and their wives though. N****s really getting married. You feel me.”

Yella said he didn’t respect the way Offset came at him during their call.
“Folks gotta tap in,” Yella said. “He tapped in, but when he tapped in, he tapped in on some gangster s**t.”

Rico agreed that Offset could’ve been better in his approach.

“I feel you,” Rico said. “He tapped in on the wrong way. …All I want you to do is stop beefing with this n****, and tell him look here, ‘If we gon beef over some beef, make it be personal, not over a b***h, you feel me.”

Yella seemed to take heed to Rico’s words.

Yella’s conversation with Rico comes after his FaceTime call with Offset. Offset called Yella to check him for dissing his girlfriend Cardi B.

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Yella had an associate record him on FaceTime with Offset.

“Motherf****r think I’m a h** or something? What you saying though? Yo b***h inboxing motherf*****s talking about I’m a bozo,” Yella told Offset. “I don’t give a f**k about none of that s**t.”

Yella continued, “I’m not worried bout no n***a. We can link, get it on, whatever.”

Offset can be heard on the call, saying, “The Gangstas gon beat your a–.”

King Yella captioned his post, “I guess @offsetyrn & @iamcardib mad so now he wanna act tuff on gd y’all got the right guy. N***a callin my phone like I’m h**. #BIGYELLA KEEP EM MAD.”

Yella later posted a video, revealing Cardi B dissed him in a conversation with Billionaire Black.

“Motherf****r falling out over a b***h,” Yella said. “Wanna talk crazy. That’s Folks, b***h. I just talked to Blood. Cardi B all in [Billionaire Black] and all type of s**t, talking about I’m a bozo, I’m a goofy. So f**k both of y’all, so f**k both of y’all. Offset, you screaming this GD s**t, all that GD s**t, well tap in with the GDs. Acting all gangster. I saw real videos. I know real n***s, personally. What they call Quavo in the hood. Yanni.”

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The Chi Town rapper wrote on IG, “We had yo b***h first @offsetyrn @iamcardib.”

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Yella issued a message to his haters regarding his issues with Cardi B on social media Wednesday.

“I ain’t got no problem with Cardi. I’m just speaking facts,” Yella said. “My people say she don’t tap in no more. I inspired motherf*****s. I’m the reason motherf****s even wanted to rap. Motherf****s wasn’t rapping. Motherf*****s ain’t know nothing about no motherf****g rapping.

He continued, “Her and Offset doing their thing, right now. One of the two hottest motherf*****s in the game. But okay. Who gonna do something? Hating a– n****s.”

Yella released a song titled after Cardi B in February 2016.

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