Lil Herb Says Kids Think It’s Cool To Get High Now

Lil Herb is upset with the growing trend of drug use amongst kids. The NLMB rapper is hoping to use his influence to let kids know getting high isn’t cool. G Herbo told Noisey during a phone call he wants to let youths know there is more to life:

“Kids want to get high now. They want to do what the rappers doing, what they see us doing. And that’s why it’s our job and I’m a voice in my city to tell people that there’s more to life. If you’re a kid you shouldn’t be concerned about getting high or anything like that. Because I’m 20, and I don’t even focus on chasing a high. There’s more to life than what you think is cool. A lot of kids, they don’t know. Their father was a kid, so they think this stuff is cool. They think getting high is cool, and guns and the s--- that’s not gonna matter. They want to be cool to the people who are not gonna mean anything to them in life. I can’t even tell you ten kids’ names from my homeroom in high school. I can’t. Because I was focused on other things, and I knew that. But other kids are focused on being cool and who remembers them and who cares about them, and they want to get dressed to look good for people who they’re not going to see ever again in life if they try to make something of their life. So it’s on me to tell the kids. I feel like it’s my job to do it. I know kids look up to me, so I want to set a positive example for that no matter what I’ve been through. And even if you are in the streets I want kids to know there’s more to it, you can make it out of the streets. It’s not the life that I feel like you should choose. If it happens, so be it. If you adapted to your environment, like I did, so be it. You shouldn’t want to be this because there’s only two outcomes. You’ll either be dead or in jail. So is that what you want for yourself or your mother or your kid? If you’re going to do drugs, you must know the side effects of those drugs. If you’re going to be in the streets, you must know the side effects of the streets and accept it. If that’s what you want with your life, OK, as long as you know.”

G Herbo is practicing what he preaches having recently given up lean use. G Herb revealed during an interview with XXL Mag how he gave up his addiction.

“It’s really just a bunch of reasons I had for not drinking lean. I’ve been drinking lean since I was like 15,” he said. “Lean is a real drug, a very powerful drug. And I was addicted to it. It’s a mind thing. And like, I’m honest, I loved drinking lean but I was always in control. It was really just a matter of me growing up and it was really doing something to my body. Now, there’s a lot of bonuses with it like you save money. It’s a real expensive habit, you know what I’m saying? So it was really me maturing and realizing I don’t really need it and I ain’t letting nothing control me. So, I’m just trying something different. And it’s not even like a phase. I really want to go clean for like at least a year, two years so I can really get in control and meet the milestones I want to meet. Then, maybe get back into that, but not the way I was at first. I control what I do. It was my bad habit.”

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