King Yella Arrested In Las Vegas!

King Yella is in that jam for reasons unknown. Yella got on the line during a recent jail call to announce his arrest.

“Y’all know what’s going on,” he said. “They tryna assassinate the motherf*****g president. They steady f*****g with a real n***a. Free King Yella. Y’all know what the f**k going on, man. These people done got a n***a Money Bagg Yo, federal, federal, federal. I’ll be back out this jam. Everybody keep they head. I’ll be out soon.”

Yella last stint in jail happened in February.

King Yella was freed after posting $12,000 bond. Yella posted footage of himself walking out of jailhouse.

“Shit crazy, they held me in this b***h,” Yella said. “I just bond out, $12,000 bond. You see the Migos had a show here.”

Yella posted in his IG post, “Just bonded out 12,000 @migos sum hoes shout out everybody that put that cash up for a real one [100].”

#kingyella out that jam 🔓

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In January, Yella claimed the Migos got him banned from attending concert in Las Vegas. Yella was in traffic when he revealed Offset got him banned from hotels in Las Vegas.

“They got my picture all through Vegas saying don’t let him in none of these casinos,” he said, “Illuminati got my picture with Cardi B. Y’all n****s so funny to me on Brick grave. N****s h**s, get exposed.”

Yell continued, “They got my picture all in the hotels and s**t. Main one is Drai’s. Why? Cause the Migos got a show on the Fourth.”

Migos Offset was upset with Yella for claiming to have smashed his girlfriend.
Cardi had to get King Yella on the line to clear allegations she slept with him.

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