NBA Youngboy Gets Girlfriend Jania’s Name Tatted On Face

#NBAYoungBoy gets girlfriend’s name tatted on his face ? #jania

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NBA Youngboy is in love with his girlfriend Jania. Youngboy honored the young lady by getting her name tatted above his right eyebrow.

Youngboy professed his love for Jania in November despite the hate he receives for broadcasting his relationship.

Youngboy and Jania addressed the hate during an IG Live session.

“Why they don’t like us being together?” Youngboy asked Jania.

Jania responded, “Man, let me tell you. I don’t know. Because they just jealous. I don’t know what they jealous of.”

Youngboy said the haters want him “to f**k up so bad.”

Jania replied, “Ain’t happening.”

Are ppl hating on #nbayoungboy and jania? ?

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Jania is a ride or die chick for Yougboy. She recently got at a female concertgoer for touching Youngboy’s private areas during Houston performance.

She smacked the fan’s hand before being restrained by members of Youngboy’s entourage.

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