Lil Bibby Says He Should Be Mentioned Alongside Tupac, Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G.

Drill rap has taken hold of the Chi as the city’s set genre. But Lil Bibby, a proven lyricist, doesn’t want to fit that mold.

It is Bibby’s lyrical grasp of the art of Hip Hop that has the East Side spitter feeling himself a bit.

A recent rhyme written on Twitter by Bibby has many fans feeling the “Water” rapper committed Hip Hop blasphemy after putting himself on the level of Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z.

“Next time you mention Pac, Hova or Biggie don’t forget that nigga Lil Bibby,” he wrote.

Bibby’s confidence in his ability is something that is rarely seen in today’s state of Hip Hop. Since its infancy, many torchbearers of the genre have boasted their craft in hopes of claiming the throne.

Bibby is known to boast his arrogance in music.

Bibby dropped his long-awaited mixtape “Free Crack” where he is proclaimed the “Rap God” in his intro. This is a big title to live up to and Bibby aims to convince his listeners why he deserves that designation.

Bibby also sparked a discussion after declaring himself the hardest in the rap game after quoting a line from Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

“Name 1 nigga out there harder than him. I’ll wait…” Bibby wrote.

Bibby has earned the respect of many hard hitters in Hip Hop.

Brooklyn rapper Shyne is one such artist who has become hooked to Bibby’s bars.

Shyne posted Lil Bibby and Lil Herb’s viral hit song “Kill Shit” on Twitter Tuesday, writing, “Bang bang.”

The King of NYS” rapper later tweeted Bibby, writing, “@LilBibby_ keep spitting that raw shit!”

Bibby replied, “You already know.”

Bibby previously received the honor of being the called the “future” by Hip Hop’s very own Drake.

According to a DM message, Drake wrote, “Streets need that TAPE! I’m waiting on it, You and Herb the future.”

Bibby posted a screenshot of the message, writing, “#FreeCrack If Drake said it then it must be true. #TheFuture”

Should Bibby place himself on the level of three Hip Hop titans? Sound off below

Download/stream Lil Bibby’s “Free Crack”

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  • Quincy

    dis nigga off da dopey dope lol

  • Donny G

    wtf. nigga only dropped a mixtape n gettin big headed

    • lackin

      Not only that but he kept pushing it back for over a year. If he wants to be even considered in the game he needs to drop more shit and more often

      • tony montana

        real shit

  • Anonymous


  • GetSmokedFuckBoy

    Lil Herb Go Harder Than That Nigga What He Talkin Bout

  • trapaholic


  • All I Rock Is Polo

    He da only one dat can talk the talk from da Chi tho. He can be da Nas of Chicago. Chicago just need more spitters to go head up with NY. Too many drill rappers

  • Anonymous


  • Your Mom Loves The D

    All you fucktards getting angry n sht, who he sposed to compare himself to??? based god Lil B?? Bibby got confidence and I can respect that shit! Fuck off

  • Anonymous

    Prolly jay-z, but definitely not pac and big #JesSayin

  • HIP HOP SINCE 1983

    PAC?? Biggie?? Jay??? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Bibby just committed Hip Hop sin. I’ll hapilly explain myself. The 90s in general just was Golden Age. You have Biggie. Biggie had world play and was a master at freestyling. I saw Bibby on MTV Rap flix and the guy couldn’t freestyle for shit. Everything he spit was written. Now onto Pac. Pac made a song for every different type of emotion. He was poet and touched on poverty, racism, classism. But he also could make a damn good party record. And of course Jay is worth half a billion dollars. So Bibby, you need get your bars and money up before you can even mention. Sorry bud

    • Ask Nas He Don’t Want It Wit Hov

      Bro we need the 90s back. But i think u r hating a bit on Bibby. Drake wasn’t lying when he said he was the future. Honestly, the whole Chicago music scene reminds me of New York no lie

  • beastmode

    I mean he got some big shoes to fill so in the meantime turn up!!

  • Anonymous


  • Justin Joyner

    sosa better than all of these niggas hands down suckas

  • Desmond

    I’ll be able to tell if bibby up there after his next mixtape. I can’t determine that with one mixtape

  • Anonymous

    Didnt dis coward run from the homie lil jay LMAO boomboomboomboomBOOM

    • Andrew


  • Yep bibby the hardest no
    Doubt to that

  • real speaker

    he took a verse from lil wayne “next time you mention pac biggie and jay z dont forget weezy baby” lol create ya own tweets plus 1 hit song dnt mean u great.. yall niggas talk about guns n shit, biggie n pac talked about growin up in the hard times sellin rock to survive to pay bills.

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