Lil Jay Disses Lil Durk In ‘Competition’ Freestyle

It has been only a few weeks after Lil Durk dropped his official “Signed To The Streets” mixtape. The project was much anticipated, but there was a specific track that caught instant attention.

Lil Durk issued a surprise attack against Bricksquad, Wugga World and Fly Boy Gang in “Competition.”

In “Competition,” Durk name dropped Lil Jay, rapping, “Bricksquad K, I tweet the shit/Labels call, don’t leak the shit/Loyal money got the shit/I catch a opp, I beat the shit/Catch Lil Jay, I heat his face/My nigga will meet with them/Lil Duck, he can’t duck this clip/Wugga World K cause they f*ck with them.”

But Lil Jay wasn’t going to sit idly by without issuing his own response.

Lil Jay gave fans an appetizer diss after taking aim at Lil Durk in a second verse recorded for the “Take You Out Your Glory” remix.

Lil Jay now issued his official full track response to Lil Durk.

Lil Jay hit Durk with a barrage of bars in the song. In the track, Jay mocks Durk’s singing and even went as far name-dropping Durk’s old man.

“You singer or a rapper?/I’ma real ni**a, I’ll clap you/Catch little Durk, put him in the dirt

“Niggas saying my name for no reason/My flow hard like cement/It’s a cold world, nigga you anemic/You GDK, but your daddy was a regent,” Lil Jay raps.

Durk’s father Dontay Banks, a Gangster Disciple, is currently serving a life sentence for crack-cocaine distribution.

Lil Jay also recounts old memories of Lil Durk, mocking Def Jam rapper’s hair style and clothing.

“I remember them days when you was bummy/Dirty ni**a, skinny pants with a
Mohawk,” Lil Jay raps.

It is not certain if Durk will respond back. Durk initially stated he would only respond to Lil Jay for $20,000.

Listen to Lil Jay’s “Competition” freestyle

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22 Responses to Lil Jay Disses Lil Durk In ‘Competition’ Freestyle

  1. scottie says:


  2. Jackboas says:

    killed him on his own sh*t

  3. Anonymous says:

    #00 lil [thot]

  4. da plaza says:

    dis n*gga suck he called durk daddy a reject wtf

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. tyme says:

    damn lil jay didn’t know u had den bars n u sh*t

  7. Anonymous says:

    lil jay needs to stop rapping because he sucks!

  8. maniac says:

    hell nah lol dis sh*t dope on foenem

  9. sybrand says:

    durk said lawyer money got the sh*t not loyal money

    • damn says:

      U talkin mad sh*t where do u say in video or song durk say gdk or drop rakes it’s because u beefin with some gds block than gdk for all dem gd like 300 f*** with mubu (except gbe) f*** with some regular gds block and use to f*** with Samson gds block plus don’t forget tookaville brick squad and euga world are renegade gds so u care they not even rep da nation

  10. Anonymous says:

    this shyt went hard as hell. damn durk yo pops got rank n u dissn his nation shid whr im frm lil n*gga catch a phd 4 tht. real 7-4 shyt

  11. Anonymous says:

    yea merked dat on life

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. LadyCrete says:


  14. ImFrmSt.Louis,NotSt.Lawrence says:

    JUST 2 LET YALL KNOW THE CITY ST.LOUIS IS THE REAL STL SO KEEP IT UNDERSTOOD YALL THE SECOND STL. IF YALL GONE REP OUR SH*T REP IT RIGHT. YALL [expletive]IN UP WE FW GD, BLACK P. STONES, & BD FRFR. so all that beefing gone need 2 stop on 3z. & if u gotta problem wit what I said meet me on 8300 green valley . where my hittas gone be at in all blue & grey on ETG so try me u glaze donuts & Bi-sexual Dykes.

  15. Czar says:

    Yo f*** Jojo n*gga got clapped for talking sh*t lol he a b***h n*gga . Lil Jay ain’t sh*t . Lil durk will put a hole in his f*kin face .

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