Shooting at Ohio High School Leaves 1 Dead, 4 Injured

One student is dead and four others are injured following a shooting Monday morning at Chardin High School in Chardin, Ohio, authorities said.

Chardon Police Chief Timothy McKenna held a televised briefing regarding the incident. He informed onlookers and viewers the injured students were hospitalized.

No information was released regarding the injured students’ conditions.

The shooting took place in the school’s cafeteria. The shooter has been apprehended and arrested.

The name of the shooter is TJ Lane, according to sources. He reportedly posted violent images on his twitter account and tweeted he would carry out a shooting.

Twitter has since pulled his account.

Today’s shooting is a painful reminder of the Columbine High School incident that took place over a decade ago on April 20, 1999. In this attack, two students killed 12 students and a teacher.

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  • Concerned Parent

    This is so terrible and heart breaking. My prayers go out to the families.

  • lisa


  • jock strap

    I know the fucking douche behind this. I hope they give your ass the chair you piece of shit!

  • Chelsie

    OMG ppl are saying TJ posted on twitter he was going to this. So sad.

  • tod

    The reporter and student are a bunch of heartless bitches. So fucking insensitive to make a joke and laugh during this traumatic incident. Get a fucking life

    • Hannah

      they were laughing ??

  • Hannah

    omg…i was like crying, those poor kids man. that child must have sum sorta mental issue like 4real

  • mj

    The laws need to be tougher. Punishment for crime needs to be harsh. More harsh than the prisons are today. Any violent postings on any online account should be a punishable crime with harsh consequences. Until the United States cracks down on crime in every aspects these crimes are not going to stop or slow down. Children killing children…senseless!

    • natalie

      Exactly what I was saying to my colleague today. When it comes to slightest inkling of suspected terrorist activity, the government is on it at the speed of lighting, but when there is obvious criminal activity being promoted by these kids, it goes unnoticed. These children are the future of this very country and they need to disciplined severely for negative actions. This will allow them to learn from their mistakes so that they will be law abiding adults.

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