Rapper Scarface Praises Macklemore On Billboard ‘Best Rap Song’ Win

Billboard opted for an alternative listing for their “Best Rap” category. Some may call this an expansion of the genre, but others find this to be the degradation of the art form that was birthed in the Bronx.

The nominees in this year’s category didn’t include Hip Hop fixtures, such as Nas, Jay-Z or T.I. It did, however, include Flo-Rider, Macklemore, PSY and Kanye West.

There are actually five entries, but Flo-Rider was nominated twice.

Macklemore was announced the winner for his viral hit song “Thrift Store.”

Rapper Scarface, who has been vocal on his thoughts on the whitening of Hip Hop, took to Twitter to congratulate Macklemore.

“wow respect mack

“Macklemore – White Privlege I love this guy I swear they wanted me hung when I said it tho,” he wroe,

The “My Block” told Hard Knock TV he feels like black culture is “losing” Hip Hop.

Scarface said there is a conspiracy against the blacks in Hip Hop.

He then pinned the blame on white and Jewish record label owners.

“I feel like the people that’s in control of what Hip Hop does is so fucking white and so fucking Jewish until they don’t give a fuck about what the culture and craft really is about,” he said.

The “My Block” rapper said the present industry is brainwashing African-Americans to look “stupid” and “dumb.”

Despite Scarface’s praise of the Seattle-based emcee, many people took to Twitter to slam Billboard’s nominee list.

What are your thoughts on the nominee list? Sound off below.

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  • Mr.O’donnell

    its funny how a white boy knows our history more than black people and will use it to his benefit to rape our culture.

  • false reality

    scarface u a sellout nigga. u like dis nigga cuz he rapped about his white privilege. how about macklemore go down to the projects in harlem n talk to the residents there about his his white privilege. and when he’s done doing so, let them watch him drive away in his mercedes benz with his billboard award in his hand

  • uncle philly

    Hip hop is white washed now. The cleansing has begun

  • kaedawg

    lmao who da fuck is this nigga

  • iodine boi

    haha eh his shit suck but white people love that wack shit. he has his audience. i can hate. they can’t relate real hip hop cuz they dont live dat life. we just need to own more shit. they can dictate what’s popular music

  • Tyesha

    Kanye should have won!

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