Scarface on Today’s Black Music: ‘Who Stole the Soul?’

Hip Hop legend Scarface fears African Americans are losing the musical culture they created.

The Houston native alluded that white musician have become more successful at doing black music than actual black artists.

“Justin Timberlake doing 800 to 900,000 the first week,” he said. “Can Usher do 899,000 the first week? Justin Bieber can do a gazillion records the first week. But can Chris Brown do a gazillion records the first week?”

The “My Block” rapper also fears African Americans are being fazed out of their genres.

“I heard it from a credible source that’s a producer on this particular network that was saying ‘we gonna make this all white,’” Scarface revealed to Hard Knock TV. “This is going to be for the young, white teenagers now. This meaning Hip Hop. Actually, we’re going to make this particular show, this particular network for the young, white kids. I’m listening to this and wondering where the fuck do I fit in?”

Scarface was upset by this because he was part of the “crafting and molding” of Hip Hop.

Scarface said Hip Hop and R&B has become commercialized, saying no musicians know how to play instruments anymore.

“Look at Rock N Roll, everybody knows how to play drums and guitars and shit. And everybody can sing and shit,” he said. “But everybody in R&B and Hip Hop, don’t nobody know how to play nothing no more.”

Even more startling Scarface observed is the absence of soulful R&B bands.

“What the fuck happened to all the black groups?” Scarface asked. “I ain’t talking about the Commodores or Maize or some shit. Whatever happened to groups like Mint Condition or some shit? Who stole the soul?”

Check Scarface’s Hard Knock TV Interview Below

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  • wisdumb

    real shit from a living legend

  • wisdumb

    Lets take our shit back. fuck a record deal, lets start our own multi million dollar labels.

  • Pam

    white people took it but it has’t been stolen yet. we still got time to reclaim what’s rightfully ours.

  • Robert

    I stole the soul 😉

  • TJ

    Justin is pop.. and they skewed him over to the urban side. But he will never have the complete respect n honor like say usher. But dont get hip hop or rap confused with r n b. A couple of white rnb guys, fine ok. Jon B paved the way for that. But no white rappers cept eminem can and will ever get absolute respect period… They cant successfully alienate the roots. Specially now with social media the labels have huge competition and the real black artists will only survive.

  • Mel

    We stole it from ourselves when we continued to embrace this bullshit.
    If we had called bullshit from the start, true musical talent would have been moved to the forefront. Instead we happily ate up whatever bullshit of the week “song” they released, so now, talented musicians don’t even bother. Their music will never sell again because we so love hearing about whores and rims and cognac and shit.
    We fucked ourselves.

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