Skullgang Rapper Hynief Catches Rev. Run’s Son Jojo Simmons Slippin For Dissing Juelz Santana In “Holy Water”

Skullgang rapper Hynief recently caught JoJo Simmons slipping for dissing Juelz Santana in song “Holy Water.” The “Man Down” rapper posted photos of himself hemming up a frieghtened JoJo Simmons. The photo also shows JoJo Simmons on the phone speaking with someone as he is being roughed up. Reportedly, JoJo Simmons was made to call Juelz Santana to apologize.

“Guess who I caught y’all Lil punk ass Jo Jo that made the diss track look at his face when he ace! #facts shouldn’t pop shit if u not bout that life real niggas don’t care who u related too fuck nigga,” said rapper Hynief

JoJo Simmons has yet to respond.

Check out JoJo Simmon’s diss song to Juelz Santana Below:

Watch WorldStarHipHop video below that includes exclusive photos of the events that unfolded:

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  • riley


    • Mo

      this aint funny it is

  • pied piper

    this nigga aint gettin no more pussy EVER in his life!!!!!!!!! lmao

  • chuck

    he aint bout that life so he shouldn’t have tried to be about it. streets is real homie

  • katrina


  • beam me up scottie

    fucking hilarious!!

    • Lecresha

      this is sad omg. not funny

  • jaquan

    damn this definitely not a good look. i would have just fought even if i knew i was gonna get my ass beat but then again i would stille nd up on worldsatr. this cat aint gon get no respect from no hoe ever again smh

  • king dro

    rev run please get your son man lol

  • leslie

    damn life is all fugged up for him now

  • ya gurl Dana


  • AZ

    man need some heart. dont let a man do that to you. he bleed the same as you nI can

  • cody

    he risked gettin his azz beat for makin that wack as song.

  • made man


  • larry

    jo jo u weak af for dat lol

    • bradley

      stfu what u do in that situation. that probably had a gun.

  • man man

    shit just got real for dis nigga

  • la life

    dat shit cray

  • bobby nomack

    Russell Simmons better use some of dat hat farm money n buy his nephew some security lmao

  • cheesey


  • bdk mike

    this some ol fufu azz shyt right here. i wouldnt go out like dat freal

  • big meech

    come on man this shit aint fair. y u roughin up this lil spoiled nigga. he aint bout dat. lame to me #ijs

  • 2 pac daddy

    damn son

  • billy tah

    what do u expect this nigga to do. his dad is a preacher

  • meek

    he gon get his brother diggy on him lol

  • dillon

    he like ” what did u say squirt” lmao

  • Craig

    Rev. Run kids eed to stop with the bs. u kids are rich u don’t need to be rapping. go college n become doctor or some shit. y yall so thristy for the spotlight

  • laurence

    skullgang niccaz lol

  • molly world

    he made dat nigga call julez to apologize lmao too much im going back to sleep

  • kyra

    this is too much lol

  • keke

    thats embarrassing yo

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