50 Cent Taunts Floyd Mayweather on Domestic Violence Incident

The Twitter beef continues between 50 Cent and boxer Floyd Mayweather. The feud erupted on Twitter following 50 cent writing “The Money Team” (TMT) boxing promotions was no more.

“TMT IS OVER. The Money team is no longer a team,” he wrote. “So it’s SMS Promotions. That’s it. That’s all.

“I’m no longer apart or down with TMT promotions. SMSaudio”

50 Cent and Mayweather soon went back and forth trading insults at each other.

Mayweather instagrammed a photo of 50 Cent holding bundles of money with a caption that read, “Hold my money F*ck Boy.”

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, sent a series of tweets making fun of Mayweather’s domestic violence incident where he served two months in jail.

Do you think the beef between these two will escalate? Sound off below

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