600Breezy and 485Fredro- ‘Plug’ Music Video

600Breezy and 485Fredro got the trap house jumping. Breezo and Fredro are plugged in their new song collab.

485Fredro opens this record, rapping, “I remember back when we was selling caine/I had to switch it up cause these n****s out here telling names/I can’t trust a b***h cause these b*****s want a f*****g name/Remember when I ain’t have sh*t, now they wanna f**k me for a name.”

Breezo raps, “Young acrobat, I roll and flip a pack/Breezo, I’m a walking pack/Plug talk 600 racks/Fredro met the plug, he show a lot of love/Now we got a lot of drugs/4-5 hold about 30 slugs.”

Check out their G Knox Films-directed music video above.

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