Chiraq Rapper D. Rose Gets New Mugshot In Prison

#Chiraq Rapper #DRose Gets New Mugshot In Prison. Click link in bio for story

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Chiraq rapper and Team600 member D. Rose has been given a new mugshot in state prison.

Rose, whose real name is Ahbir Sardin, is serving a 40-year sentence at Stateville Correctional Center for his role in the the murder of 14-year-old Venzel Richardson.

Rose, who faced a maximum of 45 years to life in prison, was found guilty of first-degree murder in September 2016.

Venzel was a freshman at Dunbar Vocational Career Academy in South Side Chicago at the time of his murder. He was shot multiple times upon leaving a corner store with friends on the night of Feb. 12, 2014. He was reportedly shot in the upper back, left lower buttock and outer hip. A fourth bullet went though Venzel’s neck and exited through his forehead, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Rose – who was arrested April 2014 – was accused of firing those fatal shots from a white minivan.

Chief Keef name-dropped Rose in “Love Sosa,” rapping, “Don’t make me call D. Rose boy/He six double-0 boy/And he keep that pole boy/You gon’ get f*cked over.”

D. Rose was also mentioned in one of Keef’s earliest works “John Madden” where Sosa raps, “600 boy, I ride those boys/ D. Rose boy, My lil bro boy.”

Rose can be seen making a cameo appearance in the track’s visual wearing a blue t-shirt and a white skullcap.

Rose is keeping his rhymes fresh in the pen. Rose recently spit a freestyle over the phone.

Rose raps, “My fans know, I be capping, putting on a damn show/I be rapping just to tell em what they don’t know.”

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