600Breezy Is Handing Out Free Smoke In Jail Freestyle

#600breezy is handing out #freesmoke in call from jail fcancer

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600Breezy is keeping his skills sharp while in that jam. Breezo dropped a hot freestyle during a jail call.

Breezo raps, “Cancer, give a n***a smoke, we giving cancer/Hands up, pistol to your h*e, b***h put yo hands up/Band up, Breezo n***as know I got my bands up.”

Breezo provided fans an update on his legal situation in August. He said he’d be out of jail before summer 2018.

“I got a couple months. A motherf***** will be back to the streets,” he said. “They tried to give a n***a some bulls**t time. With them lawyers, with the grace of God, I ain’t got no time at all. Motherf***** will be back on the streets before next summer definitely. It ain’t s***. Its light work. Kick my feet up. It ain’t s**t.”

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