600Breezy Says He’ll Be Out In Two Months, Attorney Files Motion To Have His Probation Revoked

#600Breezy says he’ll be out in a couple months 🔓

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600Breezy announced he will back on the streets in two months. Breezo was able to get a camera in jail to deliver a message to fans.

“Gang s**t. 6-0 sh*t n***a. 600Breezy, n***a,” Breezo said. “I’ll be back on the streets in two months. N****s know what’s up with me. LA Gang, D-Thang. I put that weight on. I’ll be back on the streets in two months.”

Breezo’s attorney, Tina Muhammad, filed a motion to have his probation reconsidered.

Breezo, whose real name is Antonio Valentino King, 26, was jailed after he broke the rules of his probations when he used drugs and traveled to perform at venues in Houston and Los Angeles, the Courier reports.

“King is a contributing member of society as he is gainfully employed as a successful entertainer with a record deal and royalties,” Muhammad wrote in her motion. “King has been writing music and working while incarcerated and can instantly become a benefit to society and his family upon release.”

But the motion is getting some resistance from Assistant Black Hawk County Attorney Kim Griffith. The case has now been handed over to Iowa Board of Parole to decide.

Breezo’s legal problems began in May 30, 2012, when he was arrested during a drug raid conducted by members of the Tri-County Drug Enforcement Task Force. He was one of nine people from Waterloo and Chicago arrested when police seized drugs, cash and guns.

Breezo, then 21, was arrested for possession of crack with intent to deliver, and he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in prison suspended to five years of probation.

Problems in Breezo’s probation arose after the rapper attempted to get permission to travel to Canada to perform with Drake. Breezo’s Illinois probation officer said he needed Iowa authorities to sign off on the request.

Breezo would soon be taken into custody after Iowa corrections officials went to court, charging that King violated probation by leaving Illinois without permission to perform at Houston’s Ayva Center in October 2016 and Lure in Los Angeles in December 2016.

Officials also used Breezo’s social media accounts to pin him in other cities, including New York, Oakland and East Atlanta, according to court records obtained by the Courier.

Officials also noted Breezo tested positive or marijuana in 2015 and 2016, and was shown with weapons and drugs on social media. The probations petition reportedly included photos from Instagram and screen shots from Binge image searches.

Breezo was arrested and taken into custody in June 2017 when Judge Andrea Dryer found him guilty of violating the terms of his probation, revoked his probation and sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

Muhammad asked the court to reconsider Breezo’s sentence, saying the June hearing “included hearsay statements” and had been “given permission to travel.” She also told the court that records prove Breezo obtained a medical marijuana license from Illinois in 2016, and that he was using the drug to self-medicated due to post-traumatic stress disorder.

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