600Breezy Says RondoNumbaNine Could Get 2-3 Years If Case Gets Pushed Back To Juvenile; Says Tay600 Is In Protective Custody

600Breezy is hopeful RondoNumbaNine will be released from prison before he turns 25.

In March, Rondo was found guilty of the Feb. 22, 2014 murder of cab driver Javan Boyd. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday, June 14.

Cdai has already been sentenced for his role in the incident.

“Cdai just took 38 years,” Breezo said. “That sh*t make a n***a stomach hurt to even think about some sh*t like that. Motherf*****s gon get broke from out of that. That appeal a come in another year or two.”

Breezo said Rondo could potentially face two to three years if his case gets pushed back to juvenile. Rondo was 17 at the time he was arrested.

“Nine was a shorty with that sh*t, so we tryna get Nine case pushed back to Juvenile,” Breezo said. “If we get him pushed back to juvenile, and get in the next 2-3 years, and he come home, that’s love.”

Breezo went on to say Tay600 made a statement on Rondo and Cdai, but never made an appearance in court. He says he’s currently in protective custody.

“Tay600 is locked up in protective custody in the county because if y’all know what’s going on, word gon get around that b***h and the n****s that real rock with folks nem, they gon try to flood him,” he said.

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