Adrien Broner No Longer Calls Floyd Mayweather ‘Big Bro’

Adrien Broner is always known to do the things his own way even if it means breaking the rules. One rule in “48 Laws Of Power” is to never outshine the master. Broner has been very vocal about boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.

Broner made his way to the Durtty Boyz radio show on Hot 107.9 to open up on his relationship with Floyd Mayweather.

“A lot of people, they take it and think it’s more than what it really is. Me and his friendship… he still cool,” Broner said. “After my fight, he came up to me. He told me ‘great performance.’ It is what it is. We still haven’t sat down and talked man to man about the way he felt about me, the way I feel about the interview he did about me. With that being said, he do him and I do me.”

Broner said he no longer refers Mayweather as his big bro.

“I felt like I was only hurting myself with calling him ‘big bro,’” Broner said. “It’s good to look up to somebody, but when you ‘big bro this, big bro that, ’ it’s automatically putting you beneath them. Right now, I really have what it takes to surpass him, even though he’s still undefeated.”

Watch interview above.

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