Beaski Commands Respect In ‘John Paxton Clout Shooter’ Mixtape

Chicago has a slew of talented MCs. It could prove to be tremendously difficult for any up and coming artist to make a name for him/herself in this highly competitive arena. But a newcomer by the name of Beaski is gaining recognition on the underground scene with his unique style.

Beaski has been promoting new music in the past year and deemed himself ready to drop a mixtape. The mixtape “John Paxton Clout Shooter,” hosted by DJ Shon and DJ Legacy, features a high-adrenaline packed catalog of music.

Beaski’s intensity is similar to New Orleans rap artist Mystikal. He boasts an animated flow akin to southern rap artist Drama and Ruff Ryders rapper Yung Wun.

Beaski turns up his mixtape with opening track “Tru That’s In My Jeans” featuring FBG Duck.

Duck hits the track, rapping, “I got so much money, I can’t even count it/I’m talking about stacks on top of stacks like I’m tryna build a mountain/I start throwing those stacks, your b***h get wetter than a fountain/And you know I f****d her, just thought I make that announcement/I’m a f*****g fiend/N****s talk, but they not on the green/I got it onmy and I’ll let that semi sing.”

Beaski, who also handles the hook, is over turnt, rapping, “Swagged out to the ceilings, money got no feelings/Swindle gang over everythang, NBE no feelings/Cause I be so true/Robbin (?) pants too/and I do a little cool/But Beaski act a fool.”

Beaski linked with another FBG artist in track three. Beaski, Billionaire Black and Kay Kay “Go N Get It” in this track.

Billion works the hook and his own verse, rapping, “B***h, I’m ten toes down, you know I go and get it/Please don’t tell me that’s your wife, I might just go and hit her/You n****s don’t want no smoke cause you know I’m with it/All my n****s about that action screaming ‘now, let’s get it.’/Riding my block, send some shots up in your Chevy.”

Beaski is like a lion eyeing his prey in his verse, rapping, “N***a, I don’t need no favors, I go and get it/If I see a stain then I bet I hit it/Riding with the llamas, choppers size of midgets/If I see a opp then them bullets send em/And if he got a bag, then I go and get it.”

Beaski takes charge in track “Follow Me” featuring Sko Gang. The natural born leader raps, “Them thotianas follow me on Twitter, fam/On Instagram flexing, doing my money dance/Bands saggin my denim pants.”

The jewelry on Beaski’s “Wrist” cost a quarter brick in his track featuring Gwapo. Beaski is cocky about his jewelry, rapping, “My wrist cost like 20 birds, got damn I could’ve bought a skuuurt/Audi or Benzo/I’m stunting b***h, no tint, though!”

Beaski and Dooski collaborated for “Right Now.” This track has Beaski rapping, “Know Beaski gon shoot, b***h I’m coming right now/And my gun has a ruler, I will pop it right now/N****s see the mob, they don’t make a sound/Got them (?) and them 30 clips a knock a opp down!”

If Beaski is a natural born leader, he definitely commands “Respect.” Beaski earned a spot in Chicago’s burgeoning Hip Hop scene. The toughest thing for any artist is creating a unique image only fans would know him/her by. Beaski’s animated flow is his own and that can’t be taken from him. The intensity in Beaski’s “John Paxton Clout Shooter” mixtape is unique and would be difficult to emulate. Beaski’s project is the perfect turn up record to begin 2014.

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