Mixtape Review: Billionaire Black- ‘Out The Blue’

Billionaire Black’s latest project literally came “Out The Blue.” But who’s complaining? This project affirms Billion stays working. But Billi’s work ethic really needs no affirmation. Billion’s 12-track project, hosted by DJ Shon, is classic Billionaire Black. Fans should have no complaints. Billion’s project is pure street music for hustlers. Billi can teach you a thing or two about jugging and finessing.

How does a shorty get involved in a life of jugging and finessing? A lot of goes into it, but poverty and despair are two main factors. Billion breaks it down in “Lil Boy Fresh.”

Billion’s hook has him rapping, “Lil Boy Fresh, he grew up in the jects/Momma was a geeker, she would trade you drugs for sex/His house had rats, and he ain’t like that/Coming up, he seen the big homies jug and finesse.”

That lil boy would soon become crooked like the streets and play for keeps. Billion says there is only one way out of the game- dead.

Billion tapped Frenchie of Bricksquad Monopoly for a hot record. Billi and French are bonafide street guys. They won’t deny it. They must be approached with caution because they shoot first and ask questions later. Billion and Frenchie bring hell to this beat.

Billion raps, “Think twice, run up on me, n*gga/Give em hell, now these n*ggas want some peace, n*gga/I’m smoking sour out of leaf, n*gga/I’m a dog off the leash, n*gga/Yo b*tch a thottie, she gave me some sloppy.”

Frenchie raps, “Don’t you run up on me, n*gga/I got choppers, I will squeeze, n*gga/And if you run up on me, you better come with like three n*ggas.”

Billionaire is an admitted finesser. There are “Extra” perks that come with the finessing.

Billion raps, “I think I got a confession, I fell in love with finessing/It’s like the Lord sent me a blessing, now that a young n*gga checking.”

Billion put listeners on to the life of a “Real” street n*gga. Billion talks being in the field and experiencing death around him. Life is as real as it gets for the FBG Clout Boy.

Billi raps, “18, I seen my homie get gunned down/We heard that gun sound/Loco dummed out/Now I’m clouted up, b*tch I run the whole town/B*tches see me, they say ‘There go Billi, oh wow.’”

What would a Billionaire Black project be without FBG Duck? Billion and FBG Duck together on a track is an event. I’m an objective writer and I know talent when I see it. Anyone that says otherwise is a hater.

A lot of people want the clout, but don’t understand much power comes with it. Billion and Duck want to know “Wad You Gone Do” if you were in their shoes for a day. To be honest, a lot of people couldn’t walk a mile in the two FBG Clout Boys’ Js.

Billionaire raps, “Finessing for bands man that’s everyday, b*tch I be jugging stacks/Everytime that I walk up and I play, them b*tches like ‘Who is that?’ A f*ck n*gga hard and he try to play, then all of my shooters clap/Them bullets, they hot, they hop out of that K, make his fitted a Jewish cap.”

Duck follows Billion, rapping, “The other day I made 10k and I f*cking blew it/Went to the club and I f*cking threw it, they may think I’m stupid, but I had no excuses/I’m out here, I ain’t hiding, boy.”

Billion’s “Out The Blue” is a must-listen for trap heads. Billion is keeping with his formula of street music. It hasn’t failed him yet. Download and stream Billionaire Black’s “Out The Blue” mixtape below.

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