Blac Youngsta Turns Savage After Fan Tried To Snatch Chain: ‘You Want To Die?’

#blackyoungsta turns #savage after fan tries to snatch his chain ?

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Blac Youngsta wasn’t going. Blac Youngsta was rocking a crowd when a fan tried to snatch his chain. Youngsta was able to evade the concertgoer after his two failed attempts. Youngsta upped his savage after threatening to harm the fan.

“You want to die?” Youngsta asked the fan.

Youngsta was instrumental in retrieving Glizzy’s chain from Memphis goons.

Youngsta allegedly paid $10,000 for its return. Blac Youngsta made his way to Concrete Cartel’s hood to make the transaction.

Cartel Business released a music video where members stated they were willing to negotiate.

“This our City. You came to the city, you disrespected,” @YRNCasino said. “You gon live how you live. We want 10, 20. We will negotiate about yo chain, other than that, we gon keep it. This a hood trophy.”

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