Blood Money & Lil’ Mouse Explain Violence In ‘Chi Raq’ Documentary

Will Robson-Scott, a London-based filmmaker, took his talents to Chicago to probe the culture of violence in the city’s urban environment.

Scott’s interview with community residents provides an intimate portrait at the conditions they are subjected to living under.

Gun violence has plagued the city of Chicago for many years. Many residents have renamed the Windy City “Chiraq” for its high rate of violence. Chicago, according to statistics, has a higher homicide rate than Kabul, Afghanistan.

In 2012 alone, the city recorded 506 murders.

Glory Boyz Entertainment’s Blood Money and Hella Bandz’ Lil’ Mouse provided their take on the violence gripping their Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.

Blood Money pinned the root of the problem on the incarceration of gang leaders and the tearing down of project complexes.

“They took all the gang chiefs away,” Blood Money explained. “They took the structure. When they took the structure away, we developed a systematic…encountered a systematic uproar…It’s a systematic downfall. They put a glitch in our computer chip when they took all the gang chiefs.

“They took the projects, they took the gang chiefs, first,” he continued. “Then they took the projects. ‘Then we gon take their structures, then we gon put em out in the ghettos. Let em kill they self, so we can go clean them off the streets.’ This shit ain’t no movie. This real life. We living this shit. This Taliban, Al-Qaeda shit that’s going on over here. And we in war with each other. We don’t give no fuck about nobody else.”

Mouse, who bursted onto the rap scene with the controversial track “Get Smoked,” commented that his hometown is a “war zone.”

“Chicago is where I’m from,” he said. “ChIraq, everybody scared to come to that. Everybody scared to come to Chicago. It’s a war zone in Chicago.”

Mouse has aspirations of making it out of his neighborhood, so he can live stress free.

“In ten years, I wanna be in big house, my family out the hood, I ain’t gotta worry about nothing… sleep good,” he said. “I ain’t gotta worry about beign shot at none of that.”

Check out “Chi Raq” documentary below

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