Film Review: ‘The Lic’

Soundman directed and starred in his debut feature film “The Lic” to give viewers a mix of both real life and entertainment. Hitting a lick, or stain, is the quickest come-up for a criminal. Chicago coined the term “stain.” For many criminals in the streets, it’s a way of life.

Soundman stars as Rashad “RahRah” Williams who got a second chance at life after he was released from a five-year stint in jail.

Soundman sets the tone for this film in its opening scene. We’re first introduced to Mack (portrayed by Fatzmack) who we immediately see is as crazy as they come if not more loony. His character is comparable to O-Dog from Menace II Society. Mack is merciless in this film’s intro as he robs a local food joint with help of a man he meets not much longer after ordering a meal.

We’re then introduced to RahRah who is sitting in what he essentially calls hell- Cook County Jail. Rah can almost taste freedom as he thinks about life on the outside as he awaits his release. Rah wants to fly it straight, but his desire to do right quickly diminishes as the film rolls.

Upon Rah’s release from jail, he is introduced to the film’s antagonist T who baits him with $10,000. It’s difficult to refer to T as the film’s villain as everyone in this film is villainous. But we can call T the dope game’s Bowser. He is a Mexican cartel boss who possesses a sinister aura about himself. T, who Rah refers to as a “goddamn boss,” is very religious and family-oriented. He’s adorned in tats from head to toe. He’s the last person anyone wants to cross.

Rah uses his newfound fortune as start-up capital to fund his cousin Mack’s music career. RahRah quickly finds himself returning back to a life of crime after his $10,000 stipend runs low. The turning point in this project occurs when Mack’s studio sessions become too costly. A $4,000 studio bill pushes Rah back to T.

RahRah is soon immersed back into the dope game despite his vow to leave his criminal ways in the past. The money is rolling in fast. A nine-to-five, according to Rah, was out the window.

Rah makes about $100,000 working for T before he decides to ease his way out of the game. Rah doesn’t want to fall into debt with T, so his game plan was to give him all of the money he owes and leave the game for good.

So he thought.

Rah becomes the target of a lick and is robbed of his remaining bricks of cocaine. Rah’s luck couldn’t get any worse. He is left with nothing, but a crazy Mexican cartel on his behind.

Rah has no choice but to hit licks with cousin Mack to come up with T’s money. After a nearly fatal clash with T’s Mexican crew inside a club, Rah comes up with one final plan to leave the game for good and protect his loved ones.

Soundman’s “The Lic” shows no one’s hands are clean in the dirty game of Chicago’s underworld. Rah attempts to live an honest life but is back to doing the same criminal acts that landed him in prison in the first place. The game is nothing less than a gamble. You can make a quick come up on a good roll or you can find yourself with nothing on a bad roll. But those are the odds you end up with when you’re trying to hit “The Lic.”

Soundman’s “The Lic” is now available for rent via Vimeo. It costs $6.00 for a 24-hour streaming period.

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