Bo Deal Weighs In On Lil Durk & Game’s ‘Chiraq’ Controversy

Chicago Hip Hop veteran Bo Deal has promoted unity in his hometown even during a time when it may have not been the most popular thing to do.

Despite the extreme division in his hometown, Bo was able to secure some of the street’s rising artists from opposing hoods for his “I’ma Opp” remix.

Chicago pride appears to have been restored with Game’s recent diss directed at South Side rapper Lil Durk.

But Bo says he is not fooled. He took to social media to call out pretenders.

“Everybody Pro Chiraq NOW???!!! Get the f**k outta here!!! N****s crucified me for f*****g with the whole city now yall wanna join together now?? N****s just wanna try to gain some notoriety going at GAME!! He won’t even hear 99% of yall disses!! I aint fooled by the foolery!! YOU N----- KILL ME!!! #ISEERIGHTTHRUIT” his social media post read.

“We living in a land of opportunist!!!” Bo continued. “Trust me, Durk got it covered! I know some of the people behind him. They ready!!! They don’t need no leeches.”

One of the people behind him is G Count of L.E.P. Bogus Boys.

Count came to Durk’s defense in his “Chiraq” remix, rapping, “Why you wanna diss Durk, blood? You must wanna get murked, blood.”

Count later goes on to discredit Game’s supposed Chi Town clout, rapping, “You don’t know s**t about Chiraq/You d**k riding me to get a pass, you don’t know the G-Count like that/You ain’t plugged with the BDs, you ain’t plugged with the GDs/You ain’t plugged with the Blackstones, you’d definitely have to come see me/You ain;t plugged in on the Low End/You don’t know twins or the hobos/Lame, this ain’t no f*****g game, quit name dropping Lil JoJo.”

Count then spoke on behalf of Incarcerated Chicago rap legend Bump J, rapping, “If my man was out, I guarantee you get the same reaction from Bump J.”

Count wasn’t lying. Durk told WGCI’s DJ MoonDawg that Bump J will be featured in his response track to Game and Tyga.

Lil Durk appears to have everything more than covered.

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