Lil’ Duval on Chief Keef Crying In Court: ‘He still a lil boy’

Lil’ Duval recently weighed in on rapper Chief Keef’s legal woes.

Chief Keef, 17, was sentenced to serve 60 days in Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles, IL.

Chief Keef reportedly broke down in tears several times during his court preceding pleading with the judge to not send him to juvenile detention, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

However, Judge Walker reportedly said he would not tolerate the teen’s “blatant violations of the court’s order.”

Lil’ Duval said it doesn’t surprise him that Chief Keef was affected by his sentence.

Chief Keef, he said, is still a boy.

“Chief keef cried over 60 days? I’m not surprised. Y’all forget he still a lil boy. Ask any teacher that teach bad kids,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Chief Keef is not yet 18 years old, so he was sentenced to serve his time in a juvenile detention center.

Some Twitter users said Chief Keef had no reason to cry given it is juvenile detention. Lil’ Duval slammed critics, writing, “He’s a CHILD that is jail to him.

“Most of the people on 1st 48 cry. That don’t mean they not killers,” he wrote.

Lil’ Duval, being the comedian he is, concluded his “deep thought” with a joke.

“These b*tches still love Sosa tho,” he wrote.

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