Boyfriend Leaves Girlfriend and Two Children Behind During ‘Dark Knight’ Shooting

A deranged gunman walked into a Colorado theatre early Friday morning for the “Dark Night” screening and opened fire on nearly 70 people.

James Holmes, 24, sent the entire theatre into hysteria as he methodologically killed 12 people and injured 50 others.

James Rohrs and his girlfriend Patricia Legaretta appeared on CNN to discuss the tragedy. The couple attended the screening with their two children and witnessed the mayhem that ensued.

As chaos erupted, Rohrs placed his baby son Ethan on the floor and contemplated whether to jump over a balcony. He thought to himself, “Can I jump with Ethan without him breaking his neck?”

Rohrs soon became “disoriented from the gas” and lost his son. He then tells his girlfriend to run back and grab their children.

Rohrs is too stricken with fear to save his children. He is convinced he would die if he runs back.

As his girlfriend searches for their children, he jumps from the balcony. He said he “prayed” the gunman didn’t kill his four month-old baby.

Rohrs said he didn’t want to run back into the theatre because he didn’t want to die and leave his children as “orphans with no parents.”

In addition to running out of the theatre, Jamie Rohrs finds his vehicle and drives away.

Luckily, Rohrs later received a call from his girlfriend Patricia informing him she and the children were okay. Patricia suffered a gunshot wound to her leg during the melee.

Rohrs proposed to his girlfriend at the hospital.

Rohrs seems as if he would be a good backbone and protector for his family. What are your thoughts on Rohrs’ decision to leave his girlfriend and two children behind? Sound off below.

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