Brave Mike Brown Protester, Haiku, Documents Intense Face Off With Ferguson Police

Robert Cohen/AP

Peaceful protests conducted by Brown supporters have continued despite opposition from St. Louis County and Ferguson police.

Haiku, a protestor, documented his experience on ground zero in Ferguson.

Haiku reveals police were turning both citizens and news crews away. Despite officers’ demands for protestors to retreat, Haiki and others forge ahead to demonstrate.

Haiku battles fear during his trek.

“Go home Haiku. Go home Haiku,” he tells himself.” Haiku ignores the voice in his head.

“Nope, won’t take my own advice,” he jokingly says.

As Haiku and other supporters reach their destination, they are met riot gear-clad officers armed with short-barreled 5.5.6-mm rifles, tear gas canisters, flash grenades, and armored vehicles.

“They look like they ready for war,” Haiku says.

“They look like they’re ready for peace,” he says as he faces hundreds of fellow demonstrators.

What occurred next was anything but peaceful. Officers fired tear gas on the crowd blinding many demonstrators.

Haiku blasted officers for their actions.

“…Just tryna have a peaceful protest,” Haiku said. “The cops assembled a small army on us. …We were unarmed. There were children there. We didn’t do anything wrong. We have the right assemble.”

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