CashOut063 Opens Up On War In Chiraq

The homicide rate continues to be the elephant in the room when the affairs of Chicago are discussed on a national platform.

CashOut063, a resident of the violence-plagued Englewood neighborhood, has witnessed the murder rate firsthand. The “No More Free Cash” rapper took to Twitter to comment on the urban epidemic.


Cash previously opened up on the city’s staggering murdering statistics during an interview with radio personality Tommy Sotomayor.

The majority of violence, CashOut said, comes from the Englewood area where he resides.

CashOut explained many gangs feel they have “something to prove,” which results in a “domino effect.”

“If somebody brother get killed, then somebody cousin gotta get killed,” he said. “If we catch him over here, he know he a target. If he off this block, then we gotta go ahead and get him. Like they gotta make a statement.”

Gun violence has plagued the city of Chicago for decades. Chicagoans have dubbed the Windy City “Chiraq” for its high rate of violence. Chicago, according to statistics, has a higher homicide rate than Kabul, Afghanistan.

Chicago has been under the national spotlight after ranking number one in the number of homicides recorded in 2012, according to a report released by the FBI.

There were 506 murder victims in the Windy City last year. There are currently 383 murders recorded in the city thus far in 2013, according to

CashOut063 has suffered losses of his own. Cash, who hails from 63rd street and St. Lawrence, occasionally remembers fallen friend BossTrell.

BossTrell, born Rodney Stewart, met his demise Nov. 9, 2012 following injuries he sustained from a gunshot wound to the head. He was 17.

Cash recently dropped the single “Dear BossTrell,” an ode to his lost comrade.

Cash used his pen to get some things off of his chest, rapping, “Dear BossTrell, you my broski and I miss you/I can’t wait until the day we meet again/I got a lot of s--- to say to you, so I wrote a letter for you/F----- up, I gotta say it through this pen/I’m just asking that you save a spot for me.”

CashOut is currently prepping the release of his sophomore mixtape “No More Free Cash.” The project had an initial release date of Nov. 27, but has since been pushed back.

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