Cassidy Says Meek Mill Got Lil’ Snupe Killed In ‘Catch A Body’ Diss Song

Firefighters are still putting out the fire Cassidy started after dropping “Catch A Body.”

The bodies authorities recovered from the scene are so unrecognizable; it will take the coroner a few weeks to identify the remains.

Cassidy gave Maybach Music Group and Dream Chasers a verbal lashing in his latest eight-minute diss track against fellow Philly native and rap nemesis Meek Mill.

Cassidy hit Meek Mill where it hurts with a barrage of bars targeting the “Levels” rapper’s sexuality, lyrical ability and street credibility. Cas even attributed Dream Chasers artist Lil’ Snupe’s death to Meek.

Cassidy probed Meek’s sexuality, rapping, “He been a f****t, that n---- always was gay/See, he a man b---- twerkin on a man dick/He grab bars, no damn mitt/But you ain’t catch it, I’m infected, I’m too damn sick.”

Cassidy went further mocking Meek’s style of clothing, rapping, “You said I wear purple dickies with a du-rag and 5 X-T but you dress like a f--/Tight as shirts squeezing you man breasts/Tight a-- pants lookin like a spandex.

“You been a b----, nobody think you a thug/Cause you done made plenty scenes in them skinny jeans,” he adds.

This line was a response to Meek Mill’s “Kendrick You Next” line where he raps, “You was rockin’ durags – big T’s fake Mike’s/Boy you had a wild week, shoppin’ on Canal Street/Same place you bought your fake chain and your time-piece.

“You purple dickie wearing durag/Over size fitted, fake Air 1 wearing n----,” he added.

Cassidy addressed a controversial line in Meek’s diss track.

Meek mocked a near-fatal car crash Cassidy was involved in.

“This verse gon’ hit this n---- harder than that car crash/That you should’ve died in, I’m mad that you survived it/But I came to murder you and have you scuba diving/Swimming with fishes, all you n----- is b------,” Meek raps.

Cassidy, 31, was hospitalized following a New Jersey car accident in 2006 suffering a fractured skull. The accident left him with a scar by his left eye that goes all the way around to the back of his head. There’s also a small dent in his head.

Cassidy responded to this line, rapping, “You said I should’ve died in that car crash/Well, I’ma soak you in car gas and light a match.”

Cassidy even addressed line where Meek Mill called the “Hotel” rapper a snitch:

“Took a deal on your homie, cause you couldn’t beat the gun/They was tryna give you life, man you know that wasn’t right/Then you left him in the hood, on his head he had a price,” Meek rapped.

Cassidy responded, “I wasn’t there when the cops came, but how you know? You wasn’t there when them shots banged/Them cats ratted on me when the cops came/I’ma f****n G, I’ll show you my discovery /For real, I ain’t take a deal on my man/ I took it to trial and they squeal on my man.”

Cassidy faced a murder rap in 2005 after he was involved in a shootout that killed former friend Desmond Hawkins in his Philadelphia Cedarbrook neighborhood.

Cassidy was charged with murder, attempted murder, reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, conspiracy and weapons possession, according to MTV News. He faced life in prison.

Cassidy, ultimately, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of aggravated assault and possession of an instrument of crime. He sentenced to 11 and a half to 23 moths in prison, plus probation.

Cassidy kept the body shots coming:

“They gon have this diss bumpin like a damn zit/Cause this like tryna make a poodle fight a damn pit/This a dog fight but every p---- make a dog bite

“I heard your diss, but that s--- weak and then you switch beats, that’s the same s--- I did on raid yo.

“So don’t disrespect a grown man cause I’d cut your arm off and slap you with your own hand

“You mom said I’m your dad, I should be feelin bad/Cause I missed your whole childhood and that’s really sad/She really mad that I don’t deal with your silly a--/ I did pop your moms, but you was not mine/ I’m about to call Maury on a hotline/And get a DNA cause you know what he’ll say, ‘You are not the father.’

“I’m so street, you know you want no beef/ Cause when I put them caps in your grill, it ain’t gold teeth/ I throw bullets like a QB, go deep cause when I blast rounds, it’ll be your last down,” he raps.

Cassidy’s track gets a bit touchy after he accused Meek of being the reason behind slain Louisiana rapper Lil’ Snupe’s death.

“You remind me of Sisqo from Dru Hill/F--- how you feel, you got Lil’ Snupe killed,” Cassidy raps.

Lil Snupe, born Addarren Ross, was murdered following an argument over a video game, according to MTV News.

Tony Holden, a 36-year-old convicted felon, was charged in the shooting.

A photo surfaced online showing the two playing the video game just hours before the murder took place.

Cassidy even attacked Meek Mill’s MMG boss Rick Ross, rapping, “I know Rick Ross, the real Rick Ross/S---, your boss stole his name, it got him pissed off/ Cause he was really in the streets knockin bricks off/Kilos after kilos and yours was C.O.”

Cassidy called himself a legend and said he was beating Meek in rap battles before the MMG artist was ever signed.

“I’m a legend, you know what I did already. Everybody know I bodied you in your crib already/ I bodied you on every song that we ever made/Then I bodied you when I put together R.A.I.D.” he raps

Cassidy’s latest track could potentially be the nail in the coffin on this rap beef saga and possible Meek’s career. We’ll await Meek’s response.

Listen to Cassidy’s “Catch A Body” below

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