Chicago Artists All Star In DJ Bandz ‘We Are Chiraq Vol. 1’ Compilation Mixtape

DJ Bandz assembled some of Chiraq’s hottest MC talents for the explosive compilation mixtape project “We Are Chiraq Vol. 1.” The tape can essentially be titled Chiraq’s all-stars as it features guest appearances from Lil Durk, RondoNumbaNine, OTF NuNu, Lil Reese, Top Shotta and Chief Keef, to name a few. The project boasts a lot of crazy energy track after track.

Durk’s opening track on this tape is no exception. Many may recall Durk’s “Live That Life” was one of the earliest leaks from the project. Durk envisions himself as a wealthy drug kingpin.

He raps, “I’m tryna live that life where my n-ggas get a million/I’m tryna live that life when that drug money brilliant/I’m tryna live that life, I’m tryna live that life/I’m tryna live that life when my family set for life.”

RondoNumbaNine and Cdai mesh perfect together on a record. Don’t believe me, check out songs “Get Sum Gwop” and “Bail Out.” The 600 artists struck gold again in song “GLOTF.”

Cdai anchors this track, rapping, “My n-ggas in the field with that steel, they tote them pipes/Run up on them boys, them boys, they might take your life/Hit that b-tch and put her out, I ain’t got no f-cking wife.”

Rondo follows, rapping, “Riding through your hood with them glocks/Cdai got 22 shots/Blow off his f-cking top/B-tch I’m Rondo, I’m hot/Put a n-gga in a box/F-ck it, just lay him down b-tch/Chiraq my town b-tch.”

One of the definite gems on this project was the inclusion of brand new music from OTF NuNu. NuNu stood out from other artists in Chicago’s burgeoning Hip Hop scene due to his witty wordplay and hard hitting lyricism. But NuNu’s dreams of stardom were never realized due to his tragic murder. NuNu was gunned down May 31 while sitting in his vehicle. He was 21. Fans will hear classic NuNu in his collaborative joint with Prince Dre titled “I swear.” Dre and NuNu trade tough bars on this record.

JB Bin Laden is one of the rising stars coming into his own on the rap scene. JB is a known protégé of Prince Dre. JB honors friend L’A Capone and incorporates the slain teen’s sound bytes in song “Tolerate.” JB doesn’t tolerate b-tch n-ggas and lets them have it in this record, rapping, “Up the jock on the n-gga, make him back up/I’m just a young n-gga tryna get my sack up/She wanna sip of lean, wanna act up/You can play it smart and get clapped up.”

150 times two equals 300. Two affiliates of the 150 Roc Block and Lamron 300 sets join forces for new music on this tape. NLMB’s Lil Bibby collabs with Lil Reese on song “Love Me.”

Bibby rhymes as if he’s a war vet returned home from war as he raps, “I done seen so much, I’m scarred for life/Me and my money gone ball for life/My n-gga Credo got charge with life/Guns on my sides so I’m armed for life/And my young n-ggas still hittin kick door/Every four bars needa switch flows.”

Reese raps, “If rap don’t work then we on the block tripping/Out here tryna to get it, tryna get it how we get it/N-ggas claiming sh-t, and they really ain’t with it/Lotta n-gga claiming sh-t and they really ain’t with it.”

This tape also resurrects the fiery spirit of another slain Chiraq artist. Blood Money was gunned down in a hail of bullets April 9 in South Side Chicago. Blood may not physically be here but his music will continue live on. Blood aka Big Glo makes an appearance on this project with younger cousin Mattie Baybee on song “Too Many N-----.” The two artists adopt a Migos style flow in this new joint.

This tape wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include the drum major of the South Side’s production force Young Chop. Chop and his branded production team Chop Squad “Hang Wit Dem N*ggaz” on this banger track.

Chief Keef and ManeMane4CGG linked for new music for die-hard fans and haters alike. Sosa and Mane love the number 24. They love it so much it became the theme and title of their latest Dirty Vans-produced track.

Sosa has the numerical value 24 in his vision, rapping, “What I’m riding in it cost 124/Just bought a Gucci (hat?) it cost me 24/I just bought four pints, it cost me 24/And I will take your life with my glock 24.”

Mane follows Sosa, rapping, “Just bought a Lac, set that b-tch on 24s/Flexing on you n-ggas, feeling like I’m Big Glo/Flexing on you n-ggas/Uppin Cali pounds, going for the 24.”

Rondo and Top Shotta collab for the eerie record “Shooter.” They are definitely with the s---- in this track. Rondo kicks off this track, rapping, “He with the s----, bought him a ruger/My n-gga shoot your top off call it medulla/D Rose a shooter, Rondo a shooter/We see this goofy lackin, we go and do him.”

Shotta raps, “I’m Top Shotta, Lil Mouse shooter/I got Ks and I got Rugers/You disrespect 600, Rondo gone shoot you/I call up Durk, I need some shooters.”

The tracks on the tape were stellar, but the best thing about this tape is in title. DJ Bandz says this volume 1, which means there are many more to come. The Chiraq movement can’t stop and won’t stop. I suggest any fan that stumbled upon this rap scene with no knowledge of its artists to listen to this project first. This tape will set potential fans of rap on course to becoming fans Chirap. Definitely can’t wait to see what’s in store for volume 2 because there’s no telling how far Chicago scene will progress in the next few months. From this tape, the future looks very bright.

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