Chicago Femcee Dreezy Flat Lines ‘Versace Remix’

“I wasn’t gon do a Versace, but b------ aint doing it right”
– Dreezy, “Versace Remix”

There was no saving the Migos’ viral hit track “Versace” after Chicago femcee Dreezy got her hands on it.

A slew of artists have remixed the Zaytoven-produced track, but few R.I.P.’d it the way the “Break A Band” artist did.

And it was these artists’ failure to do the beat justice that prompted Dreezy to brutally assault the beat, put it in critical condition and pull the plug.

Dreezy unleashed three minutes of fiery lyricism and it honestly wouldn’t be fair to dissect only a bar or two in this article.

Dreezy wasted no time setting the tone for the track, rapping, “I ain’t even been dropping no music and ni**as been saying I’m back/But these ni**as I keep me a spare/I switch em like I got a flat/My thottie, my wheels, my squad, my songs, they all got a body/I be balling like Scottie, my crew act retarded, they shoot up the party/I throw money when I’m in the club/You balling like you need a sub.”

But the femcee was not done there. Dreezy continued her verbal assault, rapping, “I got me a ni**a in school/I got me a ni**a who thug/B*tches dissing me to get a buzz/Somebody go give em a hug/I got a new ride, if he tricking off, tell that n---- slide.”

Dreezy’s rhymes are so raw and so hardcore that one just has to take off their headphones just to have a moment to themselves.

And it still doesn’t end there. Dreezy has more to spit.

“Killing b*tches like an abortion/Got ni**as shooting like armed forces/Got a cavity, tell em check my dental cuz I’m too sweet with these instrumentals

“…Them ni*ggas acting like b*ches, so my ni**as strapped like a f*cking stud/I be giving b*tches cold feet, there go Dreezy where my f*cking Uggs

“…I’m getting so much money, I’m making it rain, now I’m Mary Poppins/Dreezy been getting a check, why should I go work at Nike.”

“…On some real s---, I don’t f*ck with Goofies like Pete on Disney/I heard there’s been a couple shots fired, if you really bout it, how the f*ck you miss me?/

“…Said he want my body Biology, but we don’t even have chemistry,” she raps.

Who is touching Dreezy in the rap game right now?

Dreezy is currently prepping the release of her solo debut mixtape “Schizo.” No word as of yet on the exact release date of the project.

Listen to Dreezy’s “Versace Remix”

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