Chicago Tech Entrepreneur Launches Rideshare Promotion App “Numella” For Artists

Chicago native Steven Everett is the creative mind behind Numella, a new rideshare promotion app that’s designed to help artists, singers, songwriters, podcasts and advertisers gain more exposure for their talents.

How the app works is a client who calls an Uber or Lyft can choose a song or audio they’d like to listen to during their commute. Upon entering the vehicle, the artist’s music plays during the duration of the drive.

“With rideshare becoming much more mainstream in recent years, we saw a good opportunity to transform not only the riding experience, but the listening experience as well,” Everett says. “When a user orders a rideshare from Uber or Lyft, they’ll see a sticker on the window with a QR code. When they scan that QR code, they’ll be able to sync the audio associated with that ad with the sound system of the vehicle. Riders have the chance to listen to advertisements, album singles, podcast previews, and so much more while they enjoy their ride. At the same time, this increases exposure exponentially for musicians, podcasts, and advertisers.”

Everett, who hails from the South Side of the Windy City and is also an artist himself who performs under his moniker “Urban Persevere,” says the app “benefits drivers financially and gives musicians the ability to reach millions in an instant.”

Everett says cites the popularity of ride-sharing company as a reason his app is viable option for aspiring talent. Uber, he says, reports they are in over 80 countries and over 10,000 cities whereas Lyft operates in over 600 cities in the US. Uber and Lyft, combined, he says, host millions of drivers and clients daily, which “means an artist can break into the world market without ever even being to a country or city because Numella does all the heavy lifting.”

“We truly believe that Numella can help musicians and podcast producers push their content to a brand new audience, all while making things simple, fun, and convenient,” Everett says. “Rideshare is only projected to grow in the years ahead, and we see Numella playing a large role in what riders listen to while they cruise along from point A to point B.”

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