Alabama Rappers Famous Twins’ Father Fatally Shot After Rumored Argument Over $500K

Two men were killed in separate incidents in Mobile, AL Tuesday night, NBC 15 Alabama reports.

An altercation initially began between rap duo Famous Twins before their parents were ultimately called.

The boyfriend of Nem Sway, one-half of the Famous Twins, got into an argument with the young women’s father James Walters.

Walters is accused of going after the boyfriend, and the boyfriend shot and killed him. The bullet also reportedly struck a 23-year-old female who is in critical condition.

The other Twin Allie’s boyfriend, 28-year-old D’Angelo Merrill, went to retaliate and against Sway’s boyfriend. He went to the wrong person’s home and kicked in its door and fatally shot an innocent 74-year-old.

Allie went live to show her father injured on the street from an apparent gunshot wound, accusing her sister Sway of causing the shooting.

“You gave him the gun to shoot,” Allie said. “My sister so green. How could you let him do this?”

She continued, “Dad, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Look what you did. You going to jail. You and him going to jail.”

Nem Sway went live from the backseat of a police car to give her side of what went down.

“This s**t stupid and lame on my mama,” she said. “H*e can’t say nothing to me. My sister ain’t got nothing to say to me on my mama. She so policed out. Free me on my mama. On my mama, she made all this s**t happen. [She] got half a mil. She got a half of mil and ain’t share s**t with me.”

When speaking to an officer, Sway said both her father and presumed had a firearm inside a house.

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