Lil Mister Releases Full Footage Of Fight With Rico Recklezz


Lil Mister and Rico Recklezz were shown fighting in cell phone footage last weekend. Mister has since released full surveillance footage of the fight.

Lil Mister spoke on his fight with Rico days ago.

“This Internet s**t got you n****s too crazy out here. Everybody got their voice and opinion on the video,” Mister said. “All that’s cool, but give respect when it’s due. It’s wet cardboard all on the floor. Most you n****s scary man. The main ones ain’t gon let a ant die. Ain’t gon smack nothing. Ain’t gon kill nothing. You n****s should be looking at that, and try to make that into something.”


Rico drew much criticism for his fighting style.

G Herbo and Lil Bibby have been the most vocal over the incident.

Bibby took to social media to react to the fight.


“I’m in the crib, folk. I get to scrolling on the Instagram,” Bibby said in an IG video. “I seen the funniest s**t I seen all day. This s**t got me dying laughing. Can’t be real folk. You know Recklezz. I f**k with Recklezz. I gotta call this n***a. They a-- fighting windmills. How they coming? I thought my n***a had the hands. I ain’t gon lie, folk. It look like I’d beat both of they asses at the same time.”

Bibby wrote in his caption, “I gotta call dis n***a @bigrecklezz dm the line I must tweak wit you.”

G Herbo wrote in Bibby’s comment section, “Making Chicago look so bad.”

Rico soon entered Bibby’s comment section to defend himself.

He wrote, “@lilbibby_ dats my lil brother bro I ain’t wanna hurt him so I windmill slapped his lil a-- like a b***h. U couldn’t do s**t wit me on ya best day. @nolimitherbo talking bout makin Chicago look bad ain’t nobody say nun wen u was on here sucking d**k so kool it.”

Rico then DM’d Bibby to let him know he’s cool with the jokes.

He wrote, “Luv y’all b***h a--.”

Bibby wrote, “Just f*****g wit u g lol. You get a pass cuz u was on that floor but yo homie was on the card board. He fight like dat foreal.”


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