Chief Keef Denies Knowing Lil’ JoJo In Twitter Rhyme

Chief Keef made mention of slain Chicago teen “Lil’ JoJo” in a rhyme written via his Twitter account.

“Wat The Papparazi Takin Pics Fo No I Dont Kno Joseph All These N----- Say They Kno Chief So Chief Sosa Dont Kno Them,” the O’Block rapper wrote.

Lil’ JoJo, whose birth name is Joseph Coleman, was murdered in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side on Sept. 4, 2012.

He he was gunned down in a drive-by shooting as he was riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike.

This isn’t the first Keef purported to not the teen whose death made national headlines.

Messages concerning slain Chicago rapper Lil’ JoJo mysteriously surfaced on Interscope artist Chief Keef’s Facebook Thursday.

Chief Keef addressed the messages, saying he was hacked.

“Lmfao Dey Been Stole My Facebook When I Got locked Up L,” he wrote.

The perpetrator wrote, “R.I.P JOJO” on Chief Keef’s Facebook.

The message further stated Lil’ JoJo, born Joseph Coleman, made the wrong choice in making “3HunnaK,” a diss song that takes aim at the Black Disciples street gang.

The message also refuted all claims that Chief Keef had anything to do with Lil’ JoJo’s murder.

“…all im saying I didnt have anything to do with jojo murder at all so stop inboxing me saying why I kill him or why did you have somebody to kill him #300,” the message said.

Chief Keef infamously laughed at news of Coleman’s death on his Twitter account.

“hahahahahhahahahahahahahaahhAAHAHAHAHA #RichNi**aShit,” Keef wrote. “Its Sad Cuz Dat N***a Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO.”

Lil’ JoJo’s murder remains unsolved.

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