Young and Dutchie Say Violence In Chiraq Is Bigger Than GDK/BDK, Say You Can Either End Up Dead Or In Prison


YoungGoDumb and Dutchie get real in their latest interview with Zack TV. The two FBG Clout Boys reveal a sad reality of their existence when discussing the gang violence in their hometown.

“This ain’t entertainment. It’s real life. It ain’t no movie, no TV, no publicity stunt; this like real life situations,” Dutchie said. “N-ggas be thinking that it’s all rap songs. The whole time though, n-ggas be bumping heads in these streets. Chicago a big city. It’s the third biggest city in the county, but it’s real small in actuality.”

Young and Dutchie say the City’s gang beefs helped make the Chiraq Hip Hop hot, but admit it has held the scene back.

“If that sh-t wasn’t here, it’d be a lot popping in the city,” Dutchie said.

Dutchie went onto say the violence in Chiraq is bigger than the BDK/GDK controversy. Dutchie says there’s always going to be some gang that’s going to be into it with another gang.

“It’d be the GDs and the BDs or the Vice Lords and the Folks. Somebody gon be into it bro. …This s--- ain’t just come up from nowhere. Motherf-ckers was already into it.”

Young and Dutchie are pessimistic if the wars in Chiraq will ever end.

“I’m all about money. I’m about money, man,” he said. “I’m willing to be cool. I don’t know about all that. Keep the street s---, the street sh-t.”

Dutchie added, “It’s many blood shed. I don’t see how no type of people can come up out this sh-t. To be honest with you and to be honest with the streets, I don’t see how no type of peace can come up out this sh-t. Folks been out here so many years… everybody we was with as shorties, they a-- gone.”

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