Chief Keef Disses Lil Jay and BossTop For Swagger Jacking

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Chief Keef feels BossTop and Lil Jay are two of his many admirers.

Sosa posted a meme featuring BossTop and Lil Jay to his IG account that read “N*ggas Be Like F*ck Sosa.”

This is Sosa’s first time directly mentioning Lil Jay, though he has thrown subtle jabs at the “Clout Lord” rapper in the past.

Sosa’s beef with BossTop has been very public.

Sosa directed a shot at BossTop during his birthday bash in Los Angeles when performing his song “0 To 250.”

“Stole my daughter clothes, boy yo a-- a fool with it,” he rapped.

Sosa went on a rant in mid-July accusing BossTop of stealing his daughter Kay Kay’s apparel in addition to his jewelry and clothes.

“I already know how y’all play Duhhhhhhhhhh. Dumb asses I know y’all!

“I ain’t nothing like dese n-ggas But we look alike. Way higher form & fashion & I’m loyal I was Givin lil dirty folks nem clothes!

“And money I’m talking. 100’z 100’z 100’z get them one up out here!

“Folkz they stole Kaykay clothes out her Room. Detergent, deodorant and all On Bloods! They Stretched that sh-t aiight!

“Monclers, earrings, robins, Trues, Gucci bags, Pelles, Louis Vuitton coats, I can go on and on! But when I found out I bought it again.$$$$$,” he wrote.

Top raised eyebrows in late June after proclaiming himself “Chief Of Da O” and changing his name to “Chief BossTop.”

“Chief Top Im Boss Top Nomo N-ggas Got Chief Took Frn Em #ChiefTop,” he wrote.

Top’s antics then drew a response from Sosa himself.

“My Ex Adopted Son Top Need To Stop Talkin To His Pops Like That!

“I clothed u B put money in ur lint ball pockets!

“I tried to Glo u up See it worked u don’t look dirty nomo!” he wrote.

But BossTop and Sosa have found a common ground. BossTop agrees that Lil Jay wants to be like Sosa.

“How the f-ck you fa**ot a-- opps try to be like us,” BossTop said in a video posted in December. “You motherf-ckers jock us… d-ck pulling a-- n-ggas… especially Lil Jay. B-tch, you wanna be like a m-therf-cker so bad. You wish you was lil shorty. You wish you was Keef.

Do you think BossTop and Lil Jay want to be Chief Keef? Sound off below.

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