Chief Keef Dropped From Interscope Records, Fans React

Multiple sources are reporting Chief Keef was dropped from his Interscope Records contract. The powerhouse label is alleged to have quietly distanced itself from the Glo Gang frontman.

Chief Keef allegedly revealed in a text message that he was no longer a part of the Interscope roster.

“I been dropped for a week now,” he said in his text convo. cites the “Now and Later” rapper’s legal woes and drug addiction led to his release.

Fans took to social media to weigh in on news of the Interscope artist’s release:

Sosa was recently entered as a fugitive in the national instant background check system due to his continuous missed court hearings for his most recent DUI case, according to the Chicago Sun Times. Sosa now can be arrested in any state and extradited back to Illinois.

A $50,000 arrest warrant was issued for the 19-year-old Interscope rapper in August after he missed a scheduled court appearance for his DUI case, WGNTV reports.

Keef pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence of marijuana April 11.

Lake County Sheriff Mark Curren told the Sun Times such measures had to be taken due to Sosa’s “flagrant disregard for the justice system” despite his charge being only a misdemeanor.

The South Side Chicago rap star’s recent DUI legal woes began after was arrested in Highland Park, IL in the early morning of March 5, according to the Tribune.

Police reportedly stopped Sosa for driving his 2010 Jeep Cherokee with expired tags. Police smelled marijuana upon approaching the “Hate Being Sober” rapper’s vehicle.

Sosa reportedly failed a sobriety test and was later placed under arrest for DUI, driving on a suspended license and no proof of insurance.

He was reportedly released after posting $300 bail.

Sosa posted his DUI mugshot to IG with a caption, reading, “High as f*ck.” The caption included a “smiley face” emoticon.

Sosa’s arrest comes following a court-ordered 90 days in a California drug rehabilitation center.

In October 2013, a judge ordered Chief Keef to serve 20 days in jail for violating the terms of his probation after testing positive for marijuana, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Sosa was released a few days later for good behavior.

But Keef soon found himself back in jail Nov. 7 after failing yet another drug test. He was subsequently ordered to undergo 90 days of drug treatment.

Sosa’s legal woes stemmed from a June 2013 speeding ticket.

Northfield Police clocked Sosa driving 110 mph on the Edens Expressway. Keef’s arrest came following a performance in Davenport, Iowa.

Chief Keef plead guilty to the charge and was fined $531, placed on probation for 18 months, ordered to perform 60 hours of community service, undergo random drug testing and complete eight hours of traffic school.

Upon Sosa’s release from rehab, he shockingly told followers his plans to get high via Twitter.

“Case Dropped now I can Get high to the Sky!” the “Bang 3” rapper wrote.

Cook County Judge Earl Hoffenberg issued a stern warning to the embattled South Side Chicago MC, saying, “If I see you again, you’re going to be singing your praises in jail.”

50 Cent commented in late November 2012 that Interscope threatened to drop Sosa.

“@ChiefKeef is my boy I’m a get everything back in place for him. They were gonna just throw him out,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I told them at intrescope its not him he just has the wrong people around him.”

Fif’s words came after Sosa snubbed him on a video shoot for the O’Block native’s single “Hate Being Sober.”

50 Cent didn’t let the newly signed Interscope artist Chief Keef off the hook for missing his video shoot and gave the young gun some tough love. The G-Unit front man took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction.

“Its not funny @ChiefKeef didn’t sell any records yet,they will pull the plug on him.SMSAUDIO,” 50 Cent wrote.

50 Cent warned the Chicago emcee his arrogance could possible get him dropped from the label.

Not only is Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, feeling the heat from his record the label, he has also been under intense scrutiny by Chicago prosecutors.

50 Cent also feared Sosa’s impoverished background would lead to a very short career.

“A lot of artists that come from low-income environments or tough backgrounds are subject to the possibilities of that,” Fif told Baltimore’s 92 Q. “They just have unhealthier situations around them.”

“My experience is why I’m 50 Cent,” he continued. “Technically, I’m not supposed to be here. The cycle of what goes on is supposed to eat me up before I get a shot.”

Chief Keef released only one album under Interscope. According to Sosa, his solo debut album sold 400,000 copies.

“Wait Finally Rich Sold over 400thousand Copies With no Promtion! Love All Y’all Scouters & The Doubters,” he wrote.

Sosa announced in late November 2013 he sold 300,000 copies of the album.

“I deserve a lot man. I sold 300thousand Copies,” he wrote.

“All that s--- Talkin I know I’m such a big Deal No Promotions, no commercials, And No Tour. Still Sold 300k Copies Almighty,” he wrote on his IG account.

Chief Keef signed a deal of a lifetime when joining the Interscope Records roster in 2012. This came following the success of his viral hit song “I Don’t Like.”

Sosa’s record deal came with a stipulation that he sell 250,000 copies of “Finally Rich” by the end of 2013.

In court records obtained, Keef’s contract was to pay him $6 million over three years.

The “All I Care About” rapper received a $440,00 advance. He additionally received $300,000 to cover the cost of his debut major label studio album “Finally Rich.”

Interscope even gave Sosa a separate three-year deal to build his very own label “Glory Boyz Entertainment.” Keef and manager Rovan Manuel, who each own 40 percent of the label, were paid a $440,000 advance. Interscope has to fork over another $200,00 for “overhead” expenses, which will cover office, travel, entertainment and “salary cost” and marketing.

Chief Keef also revealed on Twitter that he makes an astounding $100,000 per song.

“That’s crazy I Make hundred Thousand A Song #ShitCrazy!” Keef wrote.

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