Chief Keef’s Interscope A&R Larry Jackson Says ‘Bang 3’ Is Coming Very Soon, Hints Project May Become Album

Fans can rest assured Chief Keef’s much anticipated “Bang 3” will soon be available for their listening pleasure, according to Interscope A&R Larry Jackson.

Jackson issued a statement via IG to Sosa’s fans, hinting the project may soon become an album. The post featured an image of Sosa sitting next to his “spiritual” pet S--- tzu.

“Dear angry Chief Keef fans, Bang 3 is coming Very soon. Chill, please. If you must know, Keef must came to my office recently to have a discussion with my dog, Nahla the Spiritual Shih-tzu. Think I’m joking, here is the photo. She is a dog like no other. Barks madly when she hears a hit. Matter of fact, she was the one out of all of us, Keef included, who ‘called’ ‘Love Sosa’ and ‘Don’t Like’. She told Keef here to record two more songs for the mixtape and make it an album. She knows the best and we must listen. Happy New Year! With love, Larry,” Jackson’s post read.

Sosa echoed Jackson’s claims of the project dropping soon. He also hinted at his forthcoming album.

“Get off em y’all He Gone drop dat s--- He jus want me to drop da album When I get out of treatment. @thelarryjackson,” the caption on Sosa’s IG post read.

Sosa told fans in early November his next album would be titled “Gloyalty.”

Sosa posted his upcoming project’s album cover to his IG account with a caption, reading, “TheAlbum.”

The Interscope rapper teased a single titled “Cocky” to promote the project.

In this song, Sosa raps, “For a verse cost a brick/For a show cost a G/It’s not a accident, girl you know I’m cocky/But I’m cocky and I know it/Baby, I ain’t afraid to show it.”

Sosa revealed Interscope wasn’t to keen on him giving fans “free music.”

“Label Sayin I give Away to Much free Music That’s how y’all know I love y’all,” he wrote.

Sosa raised further speculation on the release date of “Bang 3,” writing, “I jus be Playin wit y’all Cuz I know how this s--- Be I used to be A Fan! B4 Believe me I work All day I can drop a mixtape everyday!

A fan @BasedLordJesus asked what Sosa was waiting on.

Sosa replied, “…idk I need to ask myself I jus be Wanting y’all to wait idk why Shid it b free anyway Mf.”

Fans were expecting to be gifted with Chief Keef’s much-anticipated “Bang 3” mixtape on Dec. 25 Christmas Day.

“Last year For Xmas I Seen Alotta Kidz finally Rich! Now they Finna #Bang3 This Christmas,” Chief Keef wrote.

But Sosa soon revealed he needed clearance from Interscope management in order to release “Bang 3.”

“#B3 Drop it? Rt Cuz The Label Said Don’t! But I am almighty,” he wrote.

All eyes are on Sosa at this point and it is evident this mixtape could be the most important project of his career. Sosa promised he would give fans that “old Sosa.”

Chief Keef touts the project as being “hardcore.”

“If I’m Lien I Can Get Killed right Now this S--- Is So f----- hardcore #ThatOldSosa #bang3 N----- Better Be Scared,” the caption on his IG post read.

Sosa received flack for saying the project would raise the murder rate.

He has since backtracked on those statements, saying his project would instead raise the “club rates.”

“I was playin But it’s Gone raises the Club rates up,” he wrote on Twitter.

Chief Keef tapped DJ Holiday to host “Bang 3.” DJ Holiday hosted Sosa’s second “Bang” project.

Sosa has leaked snippets of multiple songs from his project. The most popular leak thus far has been the insane track “War.”

Chief Keef spazzes out in this intense track as he takes aim at rivals.

Other songs Chief Keef leaked include, “It’s The New Trap,” “Macaroni Time Remix,” “Un Un,” “Thots Gone Crazy” and “Off The Tooka.”

Listen to snippets of Chief Keef’s “Bang 3” tracks below

To listen to more “Bang 3” tracks, click here.

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