Chief Keef Keeps ‘Tooka’ Diss in ‘3Hunna’ Track on ‘Finally Rich’

Fans and Chicagoans pondered for weeks whether Interscope artist Chief Keef would remove a particular line from his underground hit song “3Hunna.”

In “3Hunna,” Chief Keef took shots at a slain Englewood resident and street crew. In the song, Chief Keef raps, “F*ck a Tooka Gang, I let this ruga bang.”

Shondale Gregory, affectionately known as “Tooka” to relatives and friends, was a South Side Chicago teenager who was shot and killed on Jan. 12, 2011 while awaiting a bus. Friends formed “Tooka Gang,” a faction of the Gangster Disciples, in his honor.

Chief Keef’s ‘3Hunna’ track appears on his highly anticipated album “Finally Rich,” which dropped Tuesday, Dec. 18. The song ironically features Maybach Music Group artist Rick Ross who is embroiled in a conflict of his own with the Gangster Disciples. The “Tooka” diss line was not removed from the song.

These “Tooka” diss line offends many people and sheds light on the feuds the rapper is involved in.

St. Lawrence Gangster Disciple CashOut took the Tooka Gang disses personal because he considered Gregory his “brother.”

“One of my lil’ homies got killed who was like a brother to me, which is Tooka,” CashOut said in an interview.”

CashOut is angry that the songs’ popularity caused it to take on a life of its own.

“Every time I’m in a nice crowd of people and they play his song; everybody rocking and they say ‘F*ck a Tooka Gang.’ I done snatched a cord out somebody radio in the club once,” CashOut said. “I’m like man, hold up. Does anybody know Tooka? Does anybody know what he [Chief Keef] really rapping about? You can be in a certain hood and riding down in Minnesota somewhere. This somebody that really died. They thinking sh*t slang. No, that’s a real motherf*cking person who got killed.”

Should Chief Keef have removed the “Tooka Gang” diss from his album out of respect for Shondale Gregory? Sound off below.

Check out ‘3Hunna’ official music video below

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