Rapper Shyne Defines ‘Real beef’ for The Game

Shyne wants to make it clear he and Compton rapper The Game don’t have “beef.”

Shyne took to Twitter to address the escalating feud and the barrage of tweets The Game has directed towards him.

According to the “Bury Judas” rapper, “Real beef end with people dead.”

“@thegame I know u a fake gangster rapper, but stop testifying on twitter like a s--- If u should get shot I don’t wantcops thinking I did it.

“@thegame have some honor for the streets. Real beef end with people dead. Don’t give the pigs the impression we got beef Stopsnitching,” he wrote.

The hostility between the two rappers erupted after Shyne’s critique of Kendrick Lamar’s “Good Kid” album.

“Yoooo! Kendrick Lamar is talented with a lot of potential but his album is traaaaash!” he wrote on Twitter.

Shyne wrote The Game and 50 Cent’s debut albums lived up to their expectations, but Lamar’s album did not.

“The game Documentary even 50 get rich or die trying lived up to the hype and were classics,” he wrote. “Good kid is trash!”

The Game responded to Shyne with a series of tweets:

RT @OriginalShyne: Listened to the Kendrick Lamar album during lunch and @OriginalShyne was right. TRASH! – B----, shut up !!!!

“RT @OriginalShyne: @thegame Wassup son? Why u involving yourself on something don’t concern u? – If its bout KDOT.. It CONCERN ME”

RT @OriginalShyne: @thegame u outta pocket youngster!!! I felt gkmd album was trash, deal wit! – naw blood, YOU TRASH.. Deal wit that !!!

The west is mine !!!!! Protect it & EVERYTHING in it at ALL COSTS !!!! F--- n----- !!! Thank God. #JesusPiece

Check out an old classic below. The Notorious B.I.G. defined “beef” best.

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