Chief Keef Respects Beyonce, Looking For A Beyonce #2

Chief Keef has the mindset of Lil Wayne and wants to smash every girl in the world. But Sosa is gonna fall back on Beyonce.

A fan asked Sosa if he would have sexual relations with Queen Bey.

Sosa replied, “No I Respect her and Jigga! I need to get like them Tho!”

Chief Keef would rather have a girl like the “Drunk In Love” singer. He hinted he’s trying to lock an unnamed woman with Beyonce like qualities down.

Sosa has previously expressed admiration for Beyonce. He liked Beyonce so much; he vowed to put a ring on it.

In “What I Wanna Do,” from “Bang 2,” Sosa raps, “I ain’t gon stop til Beyonce my fiancé.”

But he quickly changed his tune on the pop superstar.

During an interview with Power 92.1, Sosa commented his didn’t like the “Drunk In Love” singer anymore.

“I don’t like Beyonce no more,” he said.

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