Montana of 300 Wants To Become The Lebron James of Hip Hop, Talks Bringing Lyrics Back

Montana of 300 earned a name for himself ripping remixes to popular songs. Many of Montana’s ardent fans would argue his remixes are better than the originals. Montana says he doesn’t care too much about making songs, but does so for his fans. Montana’s mission is to become a complete artist like Lebron James is a complete basketball player.


“I hear people say ‘His remixes is better than his original songs. And I hear people come like, ‘You better go listen to ‘Holy Ghost’ and ‘Game of Pain’ and all those songs without any hooks,” Montana told Hip Hops Revival. “People gotta understand the difference between going in on some sh-t and making a song and the reason of making a song. A song is meant to be catchy. If I did remixes like that all day and all my songs was just going in, no hook, people a be like, ‘He can’t make a song.’ People a be like, ‘He need to battle rap.’”

“…You gotta be well-rounded to be the best,” he continued. “Look at Lebron James. Of course it’s the best thing in the world when you see him jump in the air, his head is to the rim and he slam dunk. But imagine if that’s all he could do. You gotta be able to pass. You gotta be able to rebound. You gotta be able to play defense and block. You gotta be able to do everything. ..I have tracks where I do auto-tune, I do a little club bangers here and there. I got tracks where I go in. I got tracks where I might do a little drill sh-t. I’m not no f-cking drill rapper, but I make drill songs here and there because I have those fans, too. I f-ck with my fans. You have some people that f-ck with this type of Montana and you have some people that f-ck with this type of Montana. …That’s what I really plan on doing in the game is really bringing that type of sh-t back, bringing lyrics back. I feel like when I rap someone should be able to walk away from it with something.”

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