Chief Keef Shows His Driver’s License, Says Marijuana Smokers Are Safer Drivers

Chief Keef is an official licensed driver. TMZ caught up with the Glo Gang boss for his thoughts on his latest achievement.

Sosa told the cameraman the driving test was not difficult.

“I did that s**t in two minutes,” Sosa said, adding he’s been driving for six years.

Sosa said he got 36 out of 40 questions correct on his written test.

Sosa said he advocates smoking and driving.

“You ever heard the saying, smoking you think you doing 40, but you really doing 20?” Sosa said. “Drunk, you think your doing 20, but you really doing 80?”

Chief Keef took to IG Live earlier this month to announce he was getting his driver’s license.

“I get my license tomorrow, too,” he said. “I’ma finally have my license.”

Sosa posted a photo onto IG of himself outside of a DMV.

Sosa wrote, “@detailaaron Got me my license after 6 whole years of driving foreigns with out one!!!!”

@detailaaron Got me my license after 6 whole years of driving foreigns with out one!!!!

A post shared by Chief Keef (@chieffkeeffsossa) on

Fans may recall Sosa got in trouble in March 2014 for driving under the influence of marijuana in Highland Park, IL.

Police reportedly stopped Sosa for driving his 2010 Jeep Cherokee with expired tags. Police smelled marijuana upon approaching the “Hate Being Sober” rapper’s vehicle.

Sosa reportedly failed a sobriety test and was later placed under arrest for DUI, driving on a suspended license and no proof of insurance, TMZ reports.

Sosa’s FilmOn boss, David Alki, repossessed his BMW i8 in April 2016 for not having his license.

“…Before any of you little pricks go off on me, I just like to mention that Chief Keef is a genius,” he said. “He’s just horrible at organizing his driver’s license. Thank you.”

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