NBA Youngboy and Baby Mama Accused Of Assaulting Housekeeper

NBA Youngboy was arrested Monday afternoon after an incident with a woman at a hotel in downtown Atlanta, WSB-TV 2 Atlanta reports.

NBA Youngboy, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden, and his baby mama Starr Thigpen were charged with disorderly conduct for assaulting a housekeeper at the Hyatt House on Marietta Street.

A housekeeper entered Youngboy’s room to clean, but was met with resistance by the rapper.

Youngboy then told Thigpen to get the housekeeper out of the room. Thigpen then assaulted the housekeeper, striking her in the face.

The physical altercation continued into the hallway before the housekeeper ran to lobby to get help.

Youngboy was then charged with disorderly conduct, use of fighting words, disorderly conduct – physical obstruction of another and possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

Thigpin was charged with disorderly conduct – act of violence toward another, disorderly conduct – physical obstruction of another and possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

Youngboy and Thigpin were taken to the City of Atlanta Jail.

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