Tekashi69 Buys Chief Keef’s Baby Mama Some Gucci

#tekashi69 buys #chiefkeef’s baby mama some Gucci

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Tekashi69 ain’t letting up on Chief Keef. The “Gummo” rapper made it his mission to go O’Block Tuesday. On Wednesday, he took Sosa’s baby mama Slim Danger shopping at the Gucci store.

“What’s up? This Slim Danger,” she said. “This Chief Keef baby mama. I’m out here in New York. And guess what, that n***a don’t do s**t for his motherf****n kid.”

Tekashi soon enters frame, saying, “Trey Way here. If you don’t know how to take care of your girl, n****s gon take care of her for you.”

Sosa was named the father of Slim Danger’s child in Summer 2017. A judge named Sosa the father of the former adult actress’s child after the Glo Gang boss failed to take a DNA test.

Aareon “Slim Danger” Clark is accusing Sosa of fathering son Zinc Clark who was born in July 2016. Clark told TMZ that Sosa has yet to see her son.

Slim Danger claims she is currently pregnant with the child of Sosa’s cousin Tadoe.

Slim Danger allegedly leaked DM messages between herself and Tadoe, where she revealed Sosa’s cousin was the father of her child.

#tadoe denies getting #chiefkeef's baby mama pregnant: I'm Innocent

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Tadoe has since taken to social media to proclaim his innocence.

“All that getting shorty baby mama pregnant, stop it. Knock it off,” Tadoe said. “I never met shorty in my life. I don’t know her. She don’t know me. I’m f*****g innocent. On foenem, we don’t rock like that. We Blood Gang, no suwu. Tell shorty to find a f*****g life.”

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