P. Rico Previews ‘Thotiana’ Remix, Disses Tekashi69

P. Rico has recorded his own version of Blueface’s “Thotiana.” Rico’s mix comes following the release Blueface’s song, which recently made the Billboard Hot 100.

The Cali rapper’s song “Thotiana” debuted at No. 75.

P. Rico takes aim at Tekashi69 in this record, calling him Mickey Mouse. 6ix9ine allegedly snitched on his co-defendants in his racketeering case.

The term “Thotiana” actually comes from Chicago’s JoJo World camp, which consists of rappers Swagg Dinero, P. Rico, Lil Jay and Billionaire Black.

Thotiana, a variation of thot, is a term coined in Chiraq for a promiscuous woman. P. Rico said the term in his 2013 summer hit song “Hang With Me.”

“Whole time she is a thotiana and she braining me,” he raps.

Billionaire Black used the term in “Play Around” remix featuring Lil Jay, P Rico and Swagg Dinero.

“I’m getting head by this thotiana/And when I get signed, I bet I f-ck Rihanna,” Billion raps.

G Herbo’s song featuring 2kDrae is titled “Thotiana.”

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