Chief Keef Threatens To Lay Hands On Daughter Kay Kay’s Mother After Rehab

Chief Keef is missing his daughter Kay Kay who is thousands of miles away from him in Chicago.

Sosa lost his freedom Nov. 7, 2013 after failing a drug test. He was later sentenced to undergo drug rehabilitation in California.

Sosa hasn’t seen Kay Kay since the holidays and wants to be reminded of her through snapshots. But Kay Kay’s mother, according to Sosa, refuses to send any photos.

“Her moms Don’t wanna Send me No pics When I get out Fist on that a--!” Sosa wrote.

Sosa and Kay Kay’s mom have long been at odds with their relationship deteriorating over a heated child support battle.

Sosa owed more than $20,000 to her in October 2013.

Chief Keef was forced to cough over $11,000 to her in late November for missed child support payments, according to gossip site TMZ. Sosa owes a total of $20,900.

A Cook County judge ordered Chief Keef to appear in court Oct. 21 for a status hearing, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Sosa’s payment kept from him from serving jail time.

Chief Keef has long regarded the child support system as unfair.

Chief Keef questioned its legality in an IG post, writing, “Child Support court For @KaydenKashCozart Even Tho I’m The One Who buys her all Her stuff!”

These circumstances have prompted Sosa to seek joint custody of Kay Kay.

XXL Magazine ran a feature story detailing Chief Keef as a doting father to Kay Kay.

Sosa posted a screenshot of the article to IG with a caption, reading, “Xxl Me And my Baby I gotta Get joint custody Now.”

Chief Keef and Jasmine have a love, hate relationship. Sosa showcased a bit of exchanges between himself and Jasmine via social media.

Chief Keef referred to his baby’s mother as a hater and “crazy,” even going as far as likening her to a “transsexual.”

“Kaykay Moma Be Hating, Jus How she Look Is how she Is. Crazy! She say I love h--- and Spend money on dem…No. right mind frame Wrong

“Kaykay mama already Know That I’m that n----. –Killer Voice

“They said Kaykays Mom look like like a transsexual Why? Lord why?” he wrote.

Sosa then revealed an SMS message from his baby’s mother, reading, “Focus on drowning for us.”

“Me & Kaykay it will be better,” she added.

The abovementioned statement is a jab at Sosa taking up surfing lessons.

Sosa posted an image of his surfboard and another of himself by the Pacific seafront onto his IG accounts.

“Finna Get Surf Lessons If Ima Switch anything ima Be Different Ima Surfin wit 30 on me But naw doe Ima be da first Celebrity Negro To do this N----- Like skate boarding ! f--- it lol Ima snatch Dese surfers up

“Me and The owner Of RVCA Finna do some real big! For my surfers and RVCA rockers @pmtenore,” the captions on the posts read.

A later SMS message from Jasmine has her turning Sosa’s daughter against him, writing, “She said f*ck you.”

Sosa is currently looking at a mid-February release date as revealed on the Interscope rapper’s social media accounts.

“Feb 12th I’m out this b---- and I miss my fans turn up!!!

“I’m out in February tho, Sosa wrote.

Sosa posted a screenshot of Los Angeles’ December temperature to IG with a caption, reading, “I miss my mansion in Chicago But Take the 8 off and that’s what is is out there, 1 degrees Feb 15 I’m out of rehab.”

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