Chiraq Rapper Lil Marcuz Drops ‘Kyyngg Diss’ Music Video

Chiraq rapper Lil Marcuz isn’t settling his issues with Kyyngg any time soon. Marcuz trended on the net last week after his confrontation with the New Orleans rapper went viral.

Marcuz chased Kyyngg outside Lenox Mall in Atlanta last week.

Marcuz has now released a music video titled “Kyyngg Diss.” Marcuz was ganged up with his Atlanta guys in his Colton Castles-directed music video.

Marcuz raps, “You was running like Ricky, b***h I ain’t have no pump.”

Marcuz posted an IG video last week, revealing why he confronted the New Orleans rapper.

“All that Twitter s**t, motherf*****s ain’t with that,” Marcuz said. “Motherf****s get up with you no matter what city you in. Shorty was dissing on my homie, dissing on the city. Motherf*****s got up with you. We made you run. Motherf*****s ain’t beat you, but I ain’t have to. Can’t catch the rabbit.”

#LilMarcuz reveals he chased #Kyyngg because dissed #RicoRecklezz and #Chiraq

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Marcuz and Kyyngg are currently setting up a potential fight.

Marcuz and Kyyngg continued their back-and-forth on FaceTime with both parties telling each other to link up.

#Chiraq rapper #LilMarcuz Facetimes #Kyyngg ?

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Kyyngg also challenged Marcuz to a fight in a text message.

Kyyngg wrote:

“Bet tell your brother we gone line it up.. real 1s involved now so keep up the f*****y I got your number to..see y’all soon!

“It better he fine us before we find him.. we just want the fair 1.”

#kyyngg wants to shoot a fair one with #chiraq rapper #lilmarcuz ??

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