Common Says There Is A War In Chiraq

Common recently spoke with radio personality Devi Dev of 93.7 The Beat on the issues plaguing the urban community of Chicago and its residents.

Common compared the situation in Chiraq to a war zone.

“It is war,” Common said. “If you coming up in a time where your parents are not there and people you know are getting killed…you’re dealing with fear of your life…and then you gotta combat somebody with maybe taking there life… that’s war. It’s mental war. Sometimes it becomes physical war. It’s emotional war. …Kids go through that and they don’t have proper treatment or counseling. Before they have to go to war, give them programs and the proper education. So, before you even start that path you can be like ‘Man, you know what? I want to do something with my life.’ Whether it ba an artist, be an engineer… a radio personality… whatever your dream is… a photographer. I feel like those things need to be put in front of our children. In front of kids, so that they can be like ‘Okay, I got some hope. I see something at the end of the road.’”

Common spoke on Chicago’s urban plight on his new album “Nobody’s Smiling.”

Common and Lil Herb lyrically and poetically guide listeners on a tour through “The Neighborhood” in their though-provoking collaborative single. No I.D. lent his production talents to this harrowing single featuring C------ 80s.

This single includes a sample from Curtis Mayfield’s song “The Other Side of Town.”

Common witnessed the onslaught of the crack epidemic and shed light on the atrocities it caused, rapping, “The era of Reagan, the terror of Bush/Crack babies, mama’s a push, we were the products of Bush.”

Herb is a child of Chicago’s current Hellfire. Herb knows all too well the violence plaguing his hometown and speaks from his experience on the street’s front lines, rapping, “Can’t nobody stop the violence, why my city keep lyin/N*ggas throw up peace signs but everybody keep dying.”

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