D. Bo Takes Off In ‘Drew Peterson’ Mixtape (Review)

D. Bo is a veteran in the streets. The South Side Chiraq native is no slouch on the mic either. He can merch this with his debut mixtape project “Drew Peterson,” hosted by DJ Louie V. Bo blew dragonfire all over his 14-track project.

D.Bo has a blueprint to success. He keeps his circle small and strays clears of “Squares.” D.Bo tapped The Guys murk the hook on this hot record.

D.Bo hits this record, rapping, “Same n-ggas be in my face be the same n-ggas that’s hating on me/And the same b-tches used to turn me down be the same b-tches be waiting on me.

D.Bo eliminated the negative energy out of his circle. With a good team around him, he can propel himself to the top. And what better producer to take him than Smylez. D.Bo tapped the Bricksquad producer for single “Up Next.” D.Bo and song feature Mad Max know it’s their time and lay out their plans for greatness in this record.

D.Bo said he was up next. Let’s just say he’s up, up and away. The brotha is taking off. D.Bo is on another plane as he raps, “It ain’t no holding back, I’m finna kick the door in/Know killers out west and killers on the Low End.”

His team is soaring with him, too. Judo Heffner takes off on this song, rapping, “Going hard since day one cause I ain’t promised day two/Off two flats, I’m on one/That new glock, I want one/Got two ho-es, gave Bo one/Take off, shoot your face off/My young boys let Ks off.”

D.Bo’s details his fears and struggles in song “Hidden Pain.” Life is a daily risk for the South Side Chicago rapper. He’s hustling in the streets to make a better way for his children, but at the same time, it could lead to his children losing their father.

“I got two kids I want to spoil to death, but sometimes I struggle/Take a penitentiary chance every time I hustle,” he raps.

Bo opens himself up some more, rapping, “Sh-t crazy, sh-t hectic/A young n-gga can’t get no blessing/I done lost a lot to this street sh-t, I still ain’t learned my lesson/Them n-ggas might say they yo n-ggas/Them n-ggas might smoke a blunt with you/Them n-gga might post up with you/But I swear to G-d, n-ggas ain’t with it.”

He continues, rapping, “No job to help a n-gga out/Baby mama wanna stress a n-gga out/Them n-gga tryna test a n-gga clout/So I pray to G-d I’ma stretch a n-gga.”

D.Bo and Jo Fif like to stunt. The two artists are living life and keeping it street in “Wat I Like.”

D.Bo raps, “This is what I like and b-tch I’m living life/I’m 7-4-14, so my hat cocked to the right/I’m on 13th with the breeze/On Cali with the tease/I heard about what you don’t but this is what I like.”

Jo Fif raps, “This is what I like, the b-tch can’t take the pipe/Woke up blowing dope, I swear I smoke more than a hype/Them shooters blow on site.”

Bo demands his respect in “Street Check.” He is, after all, an OG and has seen a lot during his time in the streets. He raps, “Police snatched me for a homicide, but thank G-d I was innocent/But that’s the price that you pay when you toting guns and you in the sh-t/Let a n-gga jump hard, it’s the right hand then the Timbalands.”

They may not understand the life that Bo lives. But he’s going to break it down to you bar by bar. Bo tells listeners he jumped off the porch at an early age.

“I was only 12 when I jumped in the game/I started out selling X pills and c------,” he raps.

He continues, rapping, “I lost my n-gga, charge that to the game/They unleashed a beast, no I cannot be tamed/I made it through the storm but I’m stuck in the rain/I used to break in cribs, rob and hustle for change.”

Bo tapped Tae Da Producer for an alternative sound for song “No Hesitation.”

The production meshed well with Bo’s rhyme style as he raps, “I go hard, no hesitation/I’m just hungry tryna make it/Struggling family need it/Gotta go out and take it/Taking risks on probation, got me lost in the matrix/I been robbing n-ggas blind just for studio time/So how you b-tch n-ggas ain’t gon think I’m gon shine.”

D.Bo and Jo Fif pray for better days in their second collaborative track on this tape.

Fif teaches game in his opening verse, so listeners take heed. Fif raps, “I pray on my dead homies that my young n-ggas grow and have a chance/That gunplay ain’t a fun day when you broke a-- f-ck and ain’t got a band/Never trust b-tch, you don’t need a fried/When that money gone, shorty in the wind.”

Bo raps, “So I pray and I pray every day/That I make it out the hood/And my family and my kid sake, I’m doing all I could/I can’t change, n-gga I can’t change.”

Bo is part of the Chop Squad brigade. He, AkaRedRose and Lil Dave won’t give up “Till Its Over” in their hot Young Chop production. But this is to be expected from Bo. He did say he was taking off, right?

Everyone else remixed Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb’s “Chiraq,” so it was only right for D. Bo to hit the streets with his own.

D. Bo raps, “Drew Peterson, I’m clapping sh*t, where it’s happening/All you p*ssy n****s rapping Chiraq/Yall don’t really know what’s happening/B***h, I’m down South with my country n****s/Run up on a n***a, like what’s happening.”

That’s not the only viral beat D.Bo ripped. He also tried his hand at Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” production.

Bo goes crazy in his freestyle. Bo beats the beat up, rapping, “Call D. Bo for the job n-gga/My daily routine is rap and rob n-ggas/Where I’m from you can’t eat sh-t, calling cards, n-gga/And the street life a take away your father figure/And n-ggas talking down I don’t argue with em.”

One of Bo’s earlier hit records was “Stain.” Bo is ruthless in this track. He proudly boasts his love for hitting licks.

According to Bo, he’s addicted to the sh-t. Anyone can be a victim at any given time.

Bo is definitely a fixture on the City’s growing Hip Hop scene. He brings to the table a different kind of swagger. Not to mention, decent rhyme skills. Bo kept the features on his project down to a minimum, so listeners can focus on him. This equated to a solid solo effort from Bo.

Stream/download D.Bo’s “Drew Peterson” below.

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